Dickinson State University Dance

2011 Form and Fusion: Kenisha MillerThe DSU Dance minor develops careers in teaching, performance and choreography. Courses in the minor include ballet, jazz, modern, tap, improvisation, choreography, dance history and related courses in theatre, music and physical education. Students may apply for several on-campus practice teaching situations and may elect to include an internship in theGroup 4 program.

There are numerous performance and choreography opportunities available through participation in DSU's performance company, Form and Fusion. The company provides dance components to the University Theatre's productions and stages its own recital in the spring of each year. Company membership is by audition.  




Form And Fusion Group 1 2011 form and Fusion- group1Students have the opportunity to work with guest artists and to travel to participate in professional workshops and to see professional performances. All dance classes are held in the newly renovated Loft Studio located in DSU's May Hall.

For more information, please call Ms. Pattie Carr, Dance Program Director, at
1-800-279-4295 ext. 2090