Instrumental Ensembles

The instrumental ensembles consist of Concert Band, Woodwind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, and the Badlands Brass Ensemble.  

Concert Band

Concert Band is an ensemble of select wind and percussion instruments performing traditional and contemporary literature. The ensemble plays a vital role in campus activities performing formal concerts and graduation ceremonies. The Concert Band is open to all students on campus and meets four times a week at 3 p.m. Contact Jimmy Leach.


Jazz Band

Jazz Band is an ensemble that performs a variety of contemporary jazz literature including pop, be-bop, rock, swing, Dixieland, and Latin. Piano and guitar majors may count Jazz Band as a large ensemble. Open to all students, the Jazz Band meets Tuesday evenings. Contact Jimmy Leach.


Badlands Brass

The Badlands Brass Ensemble consists primarily of brass players majoring in music. The ensemble is augmented with percussionists performing traditional music for brass and percussion. Its mission is to promote brass performance among young players in the elementary school systems. Contact Jimmy Leach.


Woodwind Ensembles

The various woodwind and chamber ensembles enhance the participant’s musicianship by improving listening skills, learning performance aspects of specific musical styles and deepen his/her performance of music. Woodwind Ensembles include: Saxophone Quartet, Flute Choir and Woodwind Quintet. Contact Jeremy Wohletz.


Percussion Ensemble

The Percussion Ensemble performs a variety of standard and contemporary literature utilizing traditional Western and world percussion instruments.