General Regulations 

  1. Registration of Vehicles
    • Every student and employee must have a parking permit to park on campus.  There are two types of permits, Staff and Student
    • An individual must register his/her own vehicle at the Business Affairs office in May Hall, Room 107
    • A parking fee of $30 is paid at the beginning of the fall semester.  Refunds are prorated on a semester basis.  To obtain a refund, the individual must present the current permit to the Business Affairs office.  Temporary parking permits may be issued for a vehicle that is to be parked on campus temporarily
    • All hanging parking permits must be displayed on the rearview mirror with permit information facing forward.
  1. Parking areas
    • Employee Parking:  To be used by Dickinson State University employees only (does not include student employees)
    • Visitor Parking:  Not to be used by either students or employees
    • Open Parking:  Areas not designated as visitor or employee parking
    • Pulver Hall west parking lot:  Not to be used by students or employees
    • Handicapped Parking (marked with blue curbside paint and/or cross marks indicated by wheelchair access sign):  To be used only by vehicles displaying handicapped permit and current Dickinson State University permit
    • Vehicles may be towed at owner's expense without prior notice for purposes of snow removal if parked in an area not designed for overnight parking
  2. Drivers of vehicles shall yield the right of way to pedestrians

Penalties and enforcement 

  • All fines for violations of parking regulations on campus are $10, except for visitor zone violations which are $20 and parking in designated handicapped areas which are $100.  However, fines, other than visitor, may be reduced by 50 percent if they are paid by the end of the third school day following the day the violation was issued 
  • Appeals on parking violations must be brought to the Business Affairs office within three school days of their receipt.  After three school days, absolutely no violations will be waived for any reason
  • Unpaid violations will result in the University's placing a hold on transcripts until such times as fines are paid.  Any vehicles with unpaid violations may be towed without prior notice at the owner's expense
  • Vehicles in No Parking Zones are subject to towing without notice.  The owner assumes all costs of towing.