First Homecoming

First Homecoming (Oct. 13, 1928) 

The first Homecoming was held on campus Saturday, Oct. 13, 1928 and featured a parade, football game, barbecue, bonfire and dance. As reported by the Dickinson Reporter-Post, hundreds of Dickinson State Normal School students and alumni were present, and, following the evening dance, voted to make the “pow-wow” an annual event. Then-president Samuel T. May mounted a horse and led the morning parade through Dickinson streets in full Native American costume. After the 2 o’clock football game, the festivities continued with a huge bonfire on campus. Medora rancher J.W. Nuens roasted an ox and served hundreds in attendance while students in costume danced around the fire. Following the meal, students and alumni danced until late in the evening accompanied by a five-piece orchestra.