The Day JFK Visited DSU

 The Day JFK Visited DSU (April, 1958) 

On April 18, 1958, John F. Kennedy and Dickinson State Teachers College’s fourth president Charles E. Scott watched the film of the address the Massachusetts Senator had given earlier that day.

John F. Kennedy, U.S. Senator, Massachusetts, spoke at Dickinson State Teachers College in April 1958 as part of a year-long series of lectures delivered on campus by national leaders and leading humanities scholars to commemorate the 100th birthday of America’s 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt. The symposium focused on the theme of “Responsible Citizenship.” During his speech, “The Moral and Spiritual Imperatives of Free Government,” Sen. Kennedy implored his audience members to reflect on Theodore Roosevelt’s belief in a “better kind of government – a government with moral and spiritual foundations.” Kennedy said, “I would urge therefore that each of you – and particularly those students of Dickinson College who are here today – regardless of your chosen occupation, consider entering the field of politics at some stage in your career – that you offer to the political arena, and to the critical problems of our society which are decided therein, the benefit of the talents which society has helped to develop in you.”