Higher Learning Commission Communications

Click here for recording of the 4 p.m. 11/01/2013 press conference regarding an update on DSU’s Accreditation .

Public Disclosure Notice on Dickinson State University (Effective: October 31, 2013)



Many documents were provided to the Higher Learning Commission via Moodle. You can access these documents in Moodle as well. Click here for a PDF of step-by-step instructions of how to view these supporting documents.


Additional Location Confirmation Report (HLC): DSU at Bismarck State College--12-18-2015

Dickinson State University Final HLC Comprehensive Evaluation Report 2015

HLC Staff Analysis of the Notice Report - 09-30-2013

April 2013 Focused Visit Report

Notice Report Final - 02-19-2013

April 2012 Focused Visit Report





DSU HLC Additional Location Confirmation Letter and Report: DSU at Bismarck State College—12-18-15

DSU HLC Accreditation Reaffirmation Letter - 7-27-15

DSU Letter to HLC Institutional Actions Committee - 6-8-15

DSU Institutional Response to HLC Final Team Report - 6-3-15

DSU Letter to Alumni - 11-07-2013

HLC Letter to DSU - 11-01-213

DSU Letter to Campus Community - 08-01-2013

DSU Letter - 07-19-2013

HLC Letter - 07-17-2013

HLC Letter - 02-20-2013

DSU Letter - 02-19-2013

HLC Letter - 12-06-2012

HLC Letter - 07-30-2012

HLC Letter - 07-12-2012

HLC Letter - 06-22-2012 




An open records request from the Dickinson Press on Friday, July 26, requested all written and electronic communication between the HLC and DSU for calendar year 2012 and 2013 through July 26, 2013.   

Below are email communications between the Higher Learning Commission and DSU’s  Dr. Coston, Dr. Pemberton, Ms. Karen Nelson.


July 2013

June 2013

May 2013

April 2013

March 2013

February 2013

January 2013

December 2012

November 2012

October 2012

September 2012

August 2012

July 2012

June 2012

May 2012

April 2012

March 2012

February 2012

January 2012



AD Compliance Officer 01.13.docx

AD Compliance Officer 03.13.docx

Dalian Jiatong University - Agreement Expired.pdf

Dalian Jiotong Univeristy--letter suspending.docx

DSU-HLC Conceptual Foundation print prep version.docx

HLC Assessment Pre-work Draft 7-10-2013.docx

HLC Assessment DSU 2013 ReservEnthusKnowScale MLSJ.docx

HLC Notice Visitation Team-draft schedule 4-19-2013 updated 3 p.m.

Institutional update 12.13 on 4.19.13.pdf

International Admissions Flowchart.docx

institutional update 11.12  on 4.12.12.pdf

JO Compliance Officer IE 03.13.docx

JO Compliance Officer IE 01.13.docx

NDUS AA Guide Report Inventory 2013_05_29_16_47_00.pdf

NDUS AA Guide Contents 2 2013_05_29_16_46_41.pdf

NDUS AA Guide Contents 12013_05_29_16_46_15.pdf

NDUS AA Guide Cover2013_05_29_16_45_20.pdf

org charts Academic Affairs-HLC.pdf

org charts DSU 2012_HLC.pdf

org charts Presidential_HLC 2012 and 2013.pdf

org charts DSU 2013_HLC.pdf

org charts 2012 University Relations_HLC.pdf

org charts 2012 Multicultural Affairs_HLC.pdf

org charts 2012 Financial Aid_HLC.pdf

org charts 2012 Enrollment_HLC.pdf

org charts Business Affairs_HLC.pdf

org charts Student Development_HLC.pdf

org charts Enrollment Services and Communication_HLC.pdf

Siberian State Aerospace University -Discontinue.pdf

Sichuan International Studies U--letter of suspension 2-12.docx

US Dept. of Ed Jan. 18, 2013.pdf

Voronezh State University - Discontinue.pdf


Additional Distance Education Materials -04-18-2013

Indicator Statistics by Organization - 05-14-2013

Institutional Snapshot - 02-19-2013

Supporting Document List - 02-19-2013

IPEDS Data Submission Flowchar - January 2013

Evaluation Summary Sheet - 11-13-2012

Peer Reviewer Professional Data Report - 11-13-2012

Distance Delivery Confirmation - January 2012