Making Tutoring Appointments with Accudemia


--> PLEASE NOTE:  Accudemia is currently not working well with Internet Explorer.  If you can use another internet browser (such as Mozilla Firefox), please do.  Otherwise, if you experience any problems, please call us at 701-483-2999 to set up an appointment.  Thank you! <--


The Tutoring Center will open for business on Tuesday, August 26, and we will stay open through the last week of classes.

In order to use Accudemia, you need to have a few pieces of information:

  • Your user ID, which is simply your campus EMPL ID with the leading zero (for example, 0123215)
  • The default password for everyone (even if you had a password last semester or last year) is bluehawk. 
  • Once you've logged on to the system, you are encouraged to change the default password to a password of your own design.
  • If you experience any difficulties when you input your ID number, please close out of your browser and then reopen the Accudemia page.  It may also be helpful to try a different browser (if possible).

If you want detailed instructions, please click here or contact us at  We'll send you a copy of our full-color, step-by-step Accudemia instructions handout.



Making Appointments with a Peer Mentor

Peer mentoring appointments are generally made on a walk-in basis.  Our peer mentoring offices are located in DeLong 1C1 and Selke 214.

If you wish to inquire about the possibility of scheduling a particular time with one of our peer mentors, just contact the Academic Success by email or via phone (483-2999).  We will be happy to accommodate your request.