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Tutoring Center Home

The Tutoring Center at Dickinson State University offers academic support to all enrolled students. Our mission is to promote students' intellectual growth and self-confidence, regardless of initial skill or ability level, via an active, welcoming, peer-centered tutoring environment. We seek to help students become independent, self-directed learners. If you have any questions about our services, please call us at 483-2999, email us, or just stop by our main office, which is located in the Lower Level of Stoxen Library.

If you're not already familiar with tutoring, our services might bring a couple of questions to mind: What kinds of help do we offer?  How can we help you?  Here are some possible answers to these questions.

  • If you want additional support in a class where you're getting a "B" or "C," we can help you.  While we cannot promise certain grades or estimate a grade on any assignment, we specialize in the kinds of support that typically lead to grade improvement.  You should know, too, that some recent research suggests that students who come in for five or more tutorials are the ones who see the greatest growth in skill and grade level.
  • If you're afraid of failing one or more of your classes, we can help you, too.  We can help you remember skills and information you've forgotten; we can provide support while you fill in any gaps in your previous academic experiences.
  • If you simply want general feedback on your solution to a math problem, on an essay you've just written, or on your general language skills, we can help.

In brief, we exist to support your learning.  If you need academic support, we are here to work with you.

Our tutors are trained according to College Reading and Learning Association standards. CRLA is an organization devoted to excellence in tutoring, mentoring, and developmental education at the college level. Our trained peer tutors offer excellent student support in specific academic areas (mathematics, psychology, chemistry, essays and other types of writing within specific disciplines, and so on) as well as in skill areas (general writing, note-taking, test-taking strategies, time management, stress management).

As we work one on one and in peer groups, we keep the following student learning principles in mind.  Students learn best and achieve the greatest amount of academic success when:

  • students and their peer tutors focus on the understanding of core concepts, critical thinking, and the successful application of students' knowledge to a variety of classroom situations;
  • learning is based in collaboration among peers as well as in the classroom;
  • peer tutors engage their students in problem-solving rather than provide quick answers or easy solutions;
  • peer tutors help students become better students by focusing on each student's learning process and not just on one single test, essay, or problem set.

We look forward to assisting you!  Please stop by and see us if you want to set up services or have any questions about the services we offer. 

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