Everett C. Albers Institute and Festival

Everett C. Albers Institute and Festival

The Albers Institute at DSU consists of an interdisciplinary group of scholars, teachers, and devotees of the humanities at Dickinson State University. Administered through the Department of Language and Literature, the Albers Institute sponsors an annual humanities festival selected spring semesters.

The namesake of the Albers Institute and Humanities Festival is Everett C. Albers. Born in the heart of North Dakota in Oliver County, Albers was a graduate of DSU in 1966 and a humanities professor at DSU from 1969-73. The author of many books and publications about North Dakota, Albers also created the contemporary humanities tent Chautauqua movement and founded the Great Plains Chautauqua Society. Albers was a pioneer in arranging dialogs between academic humanities scholars and the general public and was deeply committed to the idea that the humanities belong to all the people of North Dakota and the nation.

Following his death and largely due to the inspiration and efforts of Lillian Crook, then director of DSU’s Stoxen Library Services, and Clay Jenkinson, DSU’s Humanities Scholar in Residence, Dickinson State established the Institute and Festival dedicated to the memory and professional values of Albers. DSU has since hosted a festival of humanities to honor his commitment to the humanities, exploring contemporary and enduring topics in the humanities through events such as lectures, films, panel discussions, exhibits, and other presentations.

For further information about the Albers Institute and Humanities Festival, you may browse through the programs from recent years, archived below, or you may contact Dr. Holly McBee, associate professor of English.

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