Field Trips

Field Trips

Spring 2010: Natural History of Death Valley
Students traveled to Death Valley, CA, to experience the interactions between geological processes, extreme environments, and biological adaptations.
Spring 2010 Natural History Of Death Valley
Summer 2009: Biology and Geology of Washington State

Students circumnavigated the state of Washington, investigating the large variety of ecosystems and geological processes visible throughout the state.
Summer 2009 Biology And Geology Of Washington State 

Summer 2008: Ecology of Glaciated Landscapes, Glacier National Park, Montana
Students traveled to Glacier National Park in Montana to study the ecology of an area created from mountains that have been extensively craved by glaciers. They studied the geology of the glaciers and the impact on the organisms that live in this area.
 2008 Glacier National Park Montana 

Summer 2007: Alpine Timberline Field Research, Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming
This trip was to conduct field research to determine if the alpine timberline in the region had changed elevation due to climatic changes and to study the ecology of the region.
2007 Alpine Timberline 

Summer 2006: Ecology of Boreal Forests and Alpine Lakes, Boundary Lake Region, Minnesota
Students studied the ecology of the Upper Great Lakes, the Northern Boreal forest, and the lakes and streams of upper Minnesota. They also visited the Duluth Aquarium and canoed on Gunflint Lake.
2006 Ecology Of Boreal Forests And Alpine 

Summer 2005: Desert Ecology of Southern Utah to the Dark Canyon Wilderness of Southern Utah
Student on this trip traveled to Southeastern Utah and studied the sandstone deserts, mountains, and Indian ruins in the Dark Canyon Wilderness Area. They backpacked into Dark Canyon which is one of the most remote places in this country.
2005 Desert Ecology Of Southern Utah  

Summer 2004: Coastal Ecology to the Pacific Ocean in Oregon and the Volcanoes of Washington State
Students traveled to the Oregon Coast during the spring's low tides and observed the intertidal organisms. They also visited the Mt. Helens Volcano and the Volcano and Glaciers at Mt. Rainer in Washington.
2004 Coastal Ecology To The Pacific Ocean 

Summer 2003 Alpine Timberline Field Research, Unita, Mountains of Utah
Students conducted two field research projects while in the high mountains of Eastern Utah. They studied the effects of climate change on the alpine timberline and the effects of altitude on the physiology of humans. They also visited Dinosaur National Park.
2003 Alpine Timberline Field Research 

Summer 2002: Desert Ecology in the Southern Utah Desert
This was the first summer field trip at DSU, and the students traveled to the desert of Southern Utah to learn field techniques to study the environment, the plants, and animals. They also visited the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument, Bryce Canyon National Park, Teton National Park, and Yellowstone National Park. They visited the Utah State University Veterinary Diagnosis lab and research labs.
2002 Desert Ecology In The Southern Utah Desert 

Fall: Geology of Central North Dakota
This field trip is held every two years in conjunction with GEOL 311 – Process Geomorphology. Students spend a day visiting sights between Dickinson and Minot, learning about the geology of this portion of North Dakota.
Fall Geology Of Central North Dakota 

Fall: Soils and Geology of the Red River Valley
This field trip is held every two years in conjunction with SOIL 444 – Soil Genesis and Survey. Students spend a weekend in the Fargo area investigating the various geologic environments created by Glacial Lake Agassiz and the soils associated with them.
Fall Soils And Geology Of The Red River Valley 

Fall: Geology of the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park
This field trip is held annually in conjunction with GEOL 105 – Physical Geology. Students spend a day in the North Unit learning about the formation of the badlands and the unique landforms found within them. The relationship between landscape position and ecosystems is also addressed.
Fall Geology North Unit Of Theodore Roosevelt National Park