In order to register, you must complete ALL of the following steps before February 19, 2016:

1)       You must register your team for the Southwest Regional Competition.     

Click here and complete the online registration form.  Faxed team forms will no longer be accepted.

If you have any problems with the online form, do not hesitate to call Corinne Brevik (contact info at end of letter). This year the form has been simplified so that you will no longer need the home mailing address for each student.

Team slots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so get your form submitted ASAP.  Upon receipt of this form, you will be emailed a team number for each team you register.  You will need this team number in order to interpret the event schedules.

2)      You must register your team with the North Dakota State Science Olympiad Coordinator.

Visit the ND Science Olympiad website at and click on the "Register for the 2016 ND Science Olympiad" link.  Fill out the online registration info and print out the resulting form.  Mail this formnd it to the State Director (address on the bottom of the form).

You will receive the books containing the rules and event descriptions from the state upon completion of this step.

3)      You must pay your registration fee  ($170 for each team registered). 

Make your check payable to “ND Science Olympiad.”

Mail your check to Fargo with your state registration form.


We would like as many schools as possible to participate in Science Olympiad.  Therefore, each school will be able to bring no more than two Division B teams (6th-9th graders) and two Division C teams (9th-12th graders).  If there is room after February 19, 2016, you may bring more than two teams for each division.  Call Dr. Brevik at (701)-483-2575.

Forms, maps, and additional information are available on the event website: