Curriculum Council

Curriculum Council


Representatives: College of Arts and Sciences

Fine and Performing Arts: Mr. Jarvis Jahner

Language and Literature: Dr. Kathleen Hanna

Mathematics and Computer Science: Mr. Myron Berg

Natural Sciences: Dr. Paula Martin (Committee Chair)

Social Sciences: Dr. Frank P. Varney

Representatives: College of Education, Business, and Applied Sciences

Agricultural and Technical Studies: Mr. Toby Stroh

Business and Management: Dr. G. Knude Swensen 

Health and Physical Education: Mr. David Moody

Nursing: Ms. Jacinta Skretteberg

Teacher Education: Dr. Peter Wilson

Representative of Faculty Senate

Mr. Arlan L. Hofland

Student Representative

Ex-Officio Members

Vice President for Academic Affairs: Dr. Cynthia Pemberton

Registrar: Ms. Kathy Meyer