About Special Learning Opportunities

About Special Learning Opportunities

Every year, TRHLP scholars are presented with a number of mandatory and non-mandatory opportunities to enhance their overall learning experiences while students at Dickinson State.  Some of these experiences take place on campus at DSU, while others take place at a number of sites around the state, country, and even the world. 

Some of these special opportunities include the Professional Development Workshop, prominent guest speakers, study tours, conferences, campus research presentations, and opportunities for study and service around the nation and abroad.  A few of these opportunities are highlighted below.

Theodore Roosevelt Symposium

Every year, the Theodore Roosevelt Center at DSU hosts the Theodore Roosevelt Symposium.  This event includes a nationally-recognized keynote speaker, a series of lectures by prominent Roosevelt scholars, and panel discussions on different areas of Theodore Roosevelt's life.  TRHLP scholars not only get the opportunity to enjoy these presentations, but also are involved in different aspects of the symposium themselves.  The 2014 Symposium is titled "World War I and Theodore Roosevelt" and will be held September 25-27.

Professional Development Workshop
A new initiative within the TRHLP is the offering of the Professional Development Workshop, which takes place on campus every spring and features DSU Faculty and area business leaders.  During this workshop, students will learn "real world" lessons to better prepare them for careers as professionals.  To graduate with TR Distinction, every student must attend the Professional Development Workshop once.

Study Tours 

The TRHLP arranges a study tour every semester to allow TRHLP scholars to engage in topics that impact the community and the region, as well as topics that broaden the experiences of our students.  Recent study tours have included trips to Medora as part of the Theodore Roosevelt Symposium, the Oil Country Tour through the nearby Bakken Oilfield, and a week-long guided tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield.  The Study Tour counts as one of the credits required to graduate with a Leadership Studies minor.

Service and Study Abroad

The TRHLP offers a number of opportunities for students to travel around the world to study or to participate in service projects.  Some recent service projects include the Pay it Forward Tour, which gives students the opportunity to participate in a number of service projects at locations throughout the United States during spring break, and the God's Child Project where students build homes for families in Guatemala.  In recent years, TRHLP scholars have also taken advantage of the opportunity to study in Russia, England, Costa Rica, and China.            


Every year, a number of TRHLP scholars present at the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) Conference, which involves honors students from universities around the nation.  The 2014 NCHC Conference will be held in Denver, Colorado on November 5-9 with the theme "Thrill of the Climb."  The following students will be presenting in Denver:

     Alexandra Adolf

     Shannon Patterson

     Inga Larson

     David Stockert

     Amber Thoeny

     Margaret Marcusen (Faculty)

In addition to NCHC, many TRHLP scholars have presented at the Upper Midwest Honors Conference and a variety of conferences related to their major course of study.  Every year, the DSU Campus hosts the Undergraduate Research Conference, another event where TRHLP scholars have a major presence.


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