Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program

Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program



Mission Statement

Dickinson State University's Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program is a student-driven program which allows participants to maximize opportunities being learned in the classroom while instilling participative decision making and collaborative problem solving techniques with intellectual rigor and character development.

2014-2015 TRHLP

About the Program

TRHLP Scholars take honors courses that meet general education requirements in a learning community.  Students who successfully complete all program course requirements will receive a leadership studies minor and will graduate with honors distinction.

In addition, all TRHLP Scholars must meet a number of requirements each semester to demonstrate satisfactory progress.  They must follow general academic policies, maintain honors status and follow a particular course of study to be part of the TRHLP.



Debora Dragseth PhD. Director

May Hall Room 311

701-483-2291 or

Mari Kovash, Office Manager

701-483-2114 or