International Programs

International Programs

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“ We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.” Jimmy Carter

 Dickinson State University has become a beautiful mosaic made up of students, faculty and staff representing races, ethnicities, cultures and nations from around the United States and the world. Currently the Dickinson State Community has students from 30+ countries, 24 tribal nations as well as African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American.

Providing a safe and positive environment in which students, faculty and staff demonstrate civility, respect, honor and integrity to develop responsible global citizens is one of the goals of Dickinson State University. Through our Global Awareness Initiative, study abroad, service learning and community programming, we hope to graduate students who are prepared to enter the global economy and are prepared to be great.

The International Programs Office provides academic, social, and transition support for students from all over the globe and Dickinson State University students support while studying and living abroad. Our staff works with students, faculty and staff to expand their awareness of the wider DSU community by developing programs and initiatives in the  areas of diversity and multiculturalism.

The mission of the International Programs Office is to promote exchange and dialogue between people of different countries, ethnic backgrounds and cultures by supporting the University’s efforts to increase, retain, and support the presence and success of a diverse student population.

At the Office, we assist students with the admissions process and administer the Global Awareness Tuition Waiver and the Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver programs. These waiver programs are made available through initiatives by the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education. Information regarding the waiver programs is available in the International Programs office.

The Office of International Programs Staff welcomes you to the Dickinson State University Community and hope to support you as you make DSU your home and as you become a responsible, global citizen.