Office Hours*:

7:50 a.m. – 12 p.m.
1 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
*unless posted otherwise
Phone: 483-2165


When is mail sent/received? 
Outgoing USPS mail deadline is 2 p.m.  Delivery drivers pick up packages in the mailroom daily between 9 – 10 a.m.

Mail is held at the Post Office for Saturday deliveries and is not sent to DSU until Monday.

Can you help fold paper, seal envelopes, etc? 
All envelopes can be sealed here.  Also, there is a Binding Machine and Folding Machine available in the work room right off the mailroom.

I'm an employee, does my department pay for postage? 
The mailroom has postage available for DSU work related mail only. (for staff and faculty use).

I'm a student, how can I pay for postage? 
The DSU Mail Room is available for assistance with your mailing needs; however, we are unable to accept payment for outgoing mail.  There are several options for students who need a letter or package sent.

The University Store sells postage stamps for items weighing less than 13 oz.  The mailroom has a scale if mail is needed to be weighed.  For postage over that weight, you may go online to websites to pay for postage:  /  /  (enter a credit card to pay).

What about international mail?
International mail can also be sent out at an additional cost – packages need to include an International Form which we provide.

How do I get a mailbox? 
Faculty and Staff:  If you would like your own mailbox, please complete the Individual Campus Mailbox Request found on the Mailroom Forms webpage.

Are there any discounts or bulk mailing incentives? 
Departments sending out mail:  all typed out TO: addresses, qualify for a 6 cent discount on postage – this mail is picked up daily by Presort Plus.

Bulk Mailings:  200+ mail pieces that are identical – contact mailroom directly – would need all letters stuffed in envelopes – the mailroom would have all addresses put on the envelopes along with proper barcodes.  This service saves DSU a lot of money.  Mail pieces get sent out at about 5 – 20 cents apiece as a Bulk Mailing.

Can I send mail USPS Priority?
All packaging materials are available here to send Priority.  We have all sizes of Priority boxes and envelopes. (Pay by weight, flat rate, etc.) Also, address labels, tracking # for packages, certified mail, and Return Receipts.

  • First Class Mail – anything under 13 oz.
  • Priority Mail – over 13 oz. – not guaranteed – 2-3 days
  • Express Mail – guaranteed service – most expensive – fastest

What dimensions can I mail?          

  • Postcard: 6” long x 4 ¼ “ high x 0.016” thick (any one dimension larger is a letter)
  • Letter: 11-1/2” long x 6-1/8” high x ¼” thick (any one dimension larger is a Flat)
  • Flats: 15” long x 12” high x ¾” thick (any one dimension larger is a package)
  • Mail must be uniform in thickness & be flexible, if not, it is a package