Press Level Suites

Press Level Suites

The BAC has five suites located on the press level of the facility. The press level suites are 160 square feet and have a seating capacity of fifteen. Seating for the press level suites is entirely indoors. Each suite is furnished with a high-top round table with four chairs, a flat-screen TV with closed circuit television and full cable, a kitchenette area with refrigerator, cabinetry, and padded chairs. 

Each suites is leased for a five year term, and represent a Right of Use  at all events at the BAC during that five year term. Currently all suites are occupied, which the leasing term to end on May 30, 2015. If you are interested in leasing a press level suite in the future, please Contact Us .

However, based on availability and approval some press level suites can be rented out on a "per game" basis for football games and/or track meets. To learn more about renting a press level suite for a specific football game or track meet, click here

During athletic events, suite holders also have the option to order food from a catered suite menu that is specialized by Sodexo, the University’s Food Service Provider. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the suites at any time.


Press Suites  

Press Suites3