Current Staff Senators

Current Staff Senators


Nichols-Josh.jpg President: Josh Nichols
Website Communications Specialist
Office of Enrollment Services & Communications
Phone: 701-483-2847

Youngstrand-Keri.jpgVice-President: Keri Youngstrand
Digital Library Coordinator
Theodore Roosevelt Center
Phone: 701-483-2003

Laura Fetting

Secretary/Treasurer: Laura Fetting (2016)
Payroll & Human Resources Technician
Office of Human Resources
Phone: 701-483-2476


Senator: Laurie Heick (2015)
Administrative Secretary
Departments of Mathematics & Computer Science, Natural Science
Phone: 701-483-2300 / 701-483-2369

Senator: Loretta Heidt (2016)
University Store Manager
University Store
Phone: 701-483-2418

Kovash-Marietta.jpgSenator: Marietta Kovash (2015)
Office Manager
Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program
Phone: 701-483-2114
Murphy-Betsy.jpgSenator: Betsy Murphy (2015)
Administrative Assistant
Department of Health & Physical Education
Phone: 701-483-2181
Riesinger-Mick.jpgSenator: Mick Riesinger (2015)
Director of Facility Operations
Office of Facility Operations
Phone: 701-483-2389

Senator: Candyce Sattler (2015)
Office of Facility Operations
Phone: 701-483-2147

Steckler-Sandra.jpgSenator: Sandra Steckler (2015)
Administrative Secretary
Department of Teacher Education
Phone: 701-483-2178

Senator: Michelle Stevier-Johanson (2015)
Writing Center & Supplemental Instruction Coordinator
Academic Success Center
Phone: (701) 483-2999

Senator: Samantha Wohletz (2016)
Administrative Secretary
Department of Business & Management
Phone: 701-483-2333