Current Staff Senators

Current Staff Senators

Krissy Kilwein

President: Krissy Kilwein (2017)

Technology Education Coordinator

Technology Resource & Education Center

Phone: 701-483-2166

Loretta Heidt

Vice-President: Loretta Heidt (2018)

University Store Manager

University Store

Phone: 701-483-2418

(Not Pictured Megan Fedor)

Secretary/Treasurer: Megan Fedor (2018)


Office of Admissions

Phone: 701-483-2196

Arley Berg

Senator: Arley Berg (2017)

Security Officer

Department of Security & Emergency Management

Phone: 701-483-1068

Dale Dolecheck

Senator: Dale Dolechek (2017)


Office of Facility Operations

Phone: 701-483-2148

Andy Fiedler

Senator: Andy Fiedler (2017)

Maintenance Worker

Office of Facility Operations

Phone: 701-483-2148

Marie Fichter

Senator: Marie Fichter (2017)

Administrative Secretary

Department of Language and Literature/
Department of Social Science

Phone: 701-483-2316/

(not pictured Jeannine Funk)

Senator: Jeannine Funk (2018)

Accounts Payable Technician

Office of Business Affairs

Phone: 701-483-2477

Char Ladson

Senator: Char Ladson (2017)

Groundskeeper/Maintenance Worker

Office of Facility Operations

Phone: 701-483-2148

Betsy Murphy

Senator: Betsy Murphy (2018)

Administrative Assistant

Department of Health & Physical Education/
Office of Intercollegiate Athletics

Phone: 701-483-2181

Perzen Polishwalla

Senator: Perzen Polishwalla (2017)

Director of International Programs

Office of International Programs

Phone: 701-483-2340

Cecilia Taylor

Senator: Cecilia Taylor (2017)

Administrative Secretary

Department of Business & Management

Phone: 701-483-2333

(not pictured Michelle Wilson)

Senator: Michelle Wilson (2018)

Public Relations Coordinator

Office of Communications & Public Affairs

Phone: 701-483-2595