300 - Governance & Org. Index

300 - Governance & Org. Index

Below is a listing of SBHE, NDUS, and DSU policies/procedures. Dickinson State University policies/procedures will be directly linked on these pages if available.  Please note that the SBHE/NDUS listings are not linked to the respective policies/procedures. To view SBHE or NDUS policies/procedures please visit their websites at the links below.

SBHE Policy Manual Index 
NDUS Procedures Manual

Section 300 Index

Section 301 Organization

SBHE301.1 Organization & Titles of Institutions Governed by the State Board of Higher Education

Section 302 Committees/Boards

SBHE302.4 Councils

NDUS302.4 Campus Diversity Councils/Committees (Chancellor's Cabinet)

SBHE302.6 Student Financial Assistance Program Advisory Board

SBHE302.9 Faculty and Staff Advisors

SBHE302.10 Executive Committee

SBHE302.11 Academic Affairs Committee

SBHE302.12 Audit Committee

Section 303 Board Operations

SBHE303.1 Board Meetings and Agendas

NDUS303.1 Board Agendas (Chancellor's Cabinet)

SBHE303.2 NDUS Strategic Plan and Objectives; Institution Strategic Plans

Section 304 Chancellor/Commissioner

SBHE304.1 Chancellor/Commissioner of Higher Education: Authority and Responsibilities

Section 305 Presidents

NDUS305.0 Institution Communication and Collaboration (Chancellor's Cabinet)

SBHE305.1 College and University Presidents' Authority and Responsibilities

NDUS305.1 Presidents' Responsibilities; Collaboration (Chancellor's Cabinet)

Section 306 Chancellor's Staff

Section 307 Institutional Organization

SBHE307.1 Institutional Organization Notice and Approval

NDUS307.1 Institutional Organization Notice and Approval (Chancellor's Cabinet)

SBHE307.3 Branch Campus Governance and Organization

Section 308 Code of Conduct

SBHE308.1 Officer and Employee Code of Conduct

DSU308.1.001 Code of Conduct (Last Updated: 09-09-2013)

Section 310 Board President/Board Members

SBHE310.1 Board President and Member Responsibilities

SBHE310.2 Board Officers; Elections

Section 330 Policy Introduction, Amendment, Passage

Section 331 Approval of College and University Consitutions by the Board

Section 340 Other Entities

SBHE340.1 State Forester

SBHE340.2 Foundations

Section 350 Other Boards

SBHE350.1 State Board of Agricultural Research and Education

SBHE350.2 Work Force Training Boards

SBHE350.3 School of Medicine and Health Sciences Advisory Board; Reports