Accounting Club
Provides the opportunity for students to learn networking skills essential for accounting majors, to use their skills in a practical setting and strengthen their relationships with the business community.
ACCT 210 – Accounting Community and Professional Development
Advisor: Ashley Stark


Agriculture Club 
The primary purpose of the Agriculture Club is to develop agricultural leadership and promote agriculture on local, state, and national levels.  The club stresses development of character, citizenship, and patriotism.  It also attempts to coordinate a closer relationship between students and future employers.  All Dickinson State students with a close tie to agriculture may join.
Advisor: Dr. Chip Poland

Art Club 
The purpose of Art Club is to offer students experience in applied art activities (advertising design, illustration, sign painting, etc.). By participating in work-related experiences in the visual arts, students explore the relationship between art and commerce. Through involvement in projects for pay (and community service projects), the group earns income which allows the offering of either a low-cost cultural tour to a major city selected by the members or studio workshops conducted by professional artists. Other activities include speakers, discussions, and social events. Any student may join. 
Advisor: Greg Walter 

Business Club 
The Business Club provides opportunities for students to develop mutually beneficial relationships with the business community. Speakers are invited to share their knowledge and experience with students. Business tours are arranged so that students may learn about the organizational structure and growth of entities that may offer potential employment opportunities. 
Advisor: Amy Kass


Computer Society 
A student has not to be a major in Computer Science to join this club. Anybody who is interested in computers can join the club and be a member. New members are welcomed every semester. The main objective of this club is to make students, faculty and staff more familiar with Computers. Their programs include meetings, seminars in computers, different guest speakers related to computers. 
Advisor: Dr. Billy Harris


History Society 
An academic based student organization designed to promote the study and discussion of history to attain a healthy and balanced view of current day world events that shape our lives. 
Advisor: Dr. Frank Varney


Science Club 
The purpose of this organization is to promote and generate interest in the many aspects of science. This organization is open to anyone enrolled in science at Dickinson State University. 
Advisor: Dr. Joshua Steffan


Student Education Association

The DSU Student Education Association is for students preparing for a career in education. As members of this organization, students can begin their professional development by participating in activities that help develop professional networks and provide both resource materials and strategies that can be utilized now, and in the future. The Dickinson State University Student Education Association is affiliated with the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers through the North Dakota Educational Association. Through these affiliations, students who are NDEA members are able to access all the resources provided by these organizations.
Advisor: Dr. Peter Wilson