Policy Manual 100 - Introduction Index


Below is a listing of SBHE, NDUS, and DSU policies/procedures. Dickinson State University policies/procedures will be directly linked on these pages if available.  Please note that the SBHE/NDUS listings are not linked to the respective policies/procedures. To view SBHE or NDUS policies/procedures please visit their websites at the links below.

SBHE Policy Manual Index 
NDUS Procedures Manual


Section 100 - Index

SBHE100.01 - Constitutional and Statutory Authority 

DSU100.001 Policy on University Policy (Last Updated: 02-13-2013)

SBHE100.4 - Mission and Vision of the North Dakota University System 

DSU100.4.001 Dickinson State University Mission (Last Updated:) 

SBHE100.5 - Beliefs & Core Values of the State Board of Higher Education 

SBHE100.6 - Authority and Responsibility of the State Board of Higher Education 

SBHE100.7 - Institution Mission Statements 

Section 101 - Table of Contents

Section 102 - Objectives and Codification 

Section 104 - Distribution of Manual 

Section 105.1 - Distribution of Materials

SBHE 105.1 - Distribution of Materials (for office use)