Housing Checklist

  1. Apply for Housing through VIP page.
  2. Fill out your survey:
    •  Choose your roommate
    •  Select your meal plan
  3. Pay $200.00 pre-pay. You can call the Business Affairs office at 701-483-2328.
  4. Receive assignment from the Office of Housing & Dining with important information and dates of check-in.

NOTE: For Fall 2017, Delong Hall and Main Campus Apartments will serve as campus residence facilities. Applicants who previously selected Selke Hall on their housing application for fall 2017 will be assigned to Delong Hall. In the event that Delong Hall reaches capacity, Selke Hall may be opened. Applicants who indicated Selke Hall will be the first considered if overflow housing is needed.

Why live on campus?

Living on campus at Dickinson State University offers many conveniences and countless opportunities to enhance both your social and educational experience. Our residence halls are located close to classrooms and the Student Center. It is not uncommon to walk into any of our lounges to find students studying together, playing games, or just hanging out. We create a fun and exciting environment where you will build friendships and have the opportunity to become involved on campus.


Our staff realizes that you will learn a great deal in the classrooms of our institution, but you will also learn just as much through participation in extracurricular activities. A number of activities are held on campus every semester, including plays, performances, games, workshops, panels, and celebrations, and students who live on campus have the best access to these programs. Students who live in the residence halls also have access to a number of events held for their residents exclusively. These programs are designed to educate our students on important issues and bring them together to participate in fun activities. These range from discussions about alcohol and tobacco abuse to how-to sessions on dying your own hair. We encourage our students to get involved in activities on campus--they’re the best way to meet other students and become a part of our Blue Hawk family!