DeLong Hall

Standing six stories tall, DeLong Hall houses 188 residents. The hall is arranged in double-occupancy rooms in suite-style configurations with four rooms sharing a private bath. Four suites surround a lounge on each floor. In addition, the basement level includes a main lounge and a kitchen. DeLong Hall is conveniently located near May, Stickney, and Klinefelter Halls.

Selke Hall

Selke Hall houses 110 residents on three floors of rooms with a lounge on the main floor and a kitchen and a study lounge on the lower level. Selke’s rooms feature movable desks for more freedom in room configuration. Four rooms in this hall are considered “quads,” which house up to four students. All other rooms are designed for two students. Selke Hall is located between Stoxen Library and the Student Center.

Woods Hall

Woods Hall, currently closed for renovations, houses its students in double-occupancy rooms on its top three floors. A main lounge is located on the first floor, with the lower level housing a kitchen and second lounge area that is perfect for games and small events. The hall is located near the Student Center.

Main Campus Apartments

Dickinson State University maintains an apartment complex just one block west of campus. Main Campus offers 24 shared apartments housing up to 72 students. Preference for housing assignment to Main Campus Apartments is offered to upper-classmen.

North Campus Apartments

North Campus Apartments, Dickinson State University’s apartment complex several miles north of campus.. Priority assignment to North Campus Apartments is given to students with families and upper-classmen. Rental arrangements for this complex are based on whether the resident is assigned as a single student or a student with a family. Rental arrangements for single students are made in the same way as those for students living in other residential facilities (semester rate, meal plan required), except that North Campus Apartments are not furnished. Rental to students with families is based on a monthly rental rate.