Sanford Sports Facility

How to Reserve or Rent the Facility

Facility Operations Hours

  • Fall/Spring Semesters
    • Monday-Friday – 7:45 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
    • Saturday, Sunday – CLOSED
  • Summer
    • Monday-Friday – 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
    • Saturday, Sunday – CLOSED

Contact Us

Phone: 701-483-2148


Rental Fees

Rental fees are as follows:

  • $50 per hour
  • $400 per day 

The user may be subject to additional fees for cleaning or damages. See the DSU Facility Use and Rental Policy for more information.

Rules and Expectations 

Dickinson State University (DSU) has created the following rules and expectations. To ensure the safe and efficient usage of the facility, these rules and expectations must be followed at all times. Individuals and/or teams/clubs seen to be in violation of these rules are subject to loss of privilege, as deemed appropriate by DSU. DSU has the final decision on the safety and best interests of our facility users and patrons.

  1. Users of this facility understand they use it at their own risk.
  2. DSU and its employees are not responsible for any personal injury suffered while using this facility.
  3. DSU and its employees are not responsible for any lost, stolen, missing, or damaged equipment.
  4. All participants must have a waiver form on file with Dickinson State University. Participants under the age of 18 must also have the form signed by a legal parent or guardian. It is the responsibility of the user (team/club/coach or manager) to ensure all participants have a signed waiver on file.
  5. Participants under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while using the facility.
  6. All individuals or teams must sign a daily log sheet every visit. Log sheet is located at the front information desk of the Student Center.
  7. All batters must always wear helmets in the cages. Adult coaches within the cages must stay behind the protective “L” screens during live pitching. Catchers in the cage will wear full protective gear. Floor and hitting mats should be used to prevent excessive wear of the turf.
  8. Only one batter is allowed in a cage at any time. Players awaiting their turn shall do so outside the batting cage away from the netting.
  9. Protective netting should never be pulled back or changed from its intended purpose in any way.
  10. No practice swings or swinging of bats allowed outside the cages. This includes hitting.
  11. No hitting balls against the facility walls.
  12. Absolutely no horseplay within the facility.
  13. The Sanford Sports Facility is a profanity-free, bully-free environment.
  14. Teams/clubs/coaches/managers/parents and participants are responsible for their language and actions.
  15. This is a tobacco free facility.
  16. Alcohol, sunflower seeds, gum, and food is prohibited in the facility.
  17. No weapons are allowed in the facility.
  18. Animals and pets are not allowed in the facility, except for those exempted by guidelines in DSU Policy 916.001.
  19. Clear liquids are limited to plastic bottles with caps or lids. No glass or open-mouth containers are allowed. Colored sports drinks are not allowed. Please report any spills immediately.
  20. Open flames and fire are not allowed in the facility; this includes but is not limited to: candles, incense, lamps, and extra forms of lighting.
  21. Equipment or people may not obstruct doors and hallways.
  22. The capacity of the facility is 50 people. Use must not exceed capacity.
  23. No metal or plastic/rubber spikes or cleats allowed – sneakers only. Please wear shoes that are clean.
  24. Please ensure that all equipment is picked up and properly stored before leaving the facility.
  25. Teams/clubs/coaches and managers will ensure that all garbage and other waste is picked up and placed in the trash receptacles provided. Please leave the facility clean for the next user.
  26. The rental and use of the facility by outside groups or private individuals must be scheduled with Facility Operations before use.
  27. Rental fees must be paid in full before using the facility and appropriate agreements signed. DSU manages the availability of the facility and priority of scheduling outside groups and private individuals.
  28. Immediately report any mishaps, equipment damage, safety hazards, spills, or unsafe conditions that may exist.
  29. Abusive use and/or damaging of the facility will result in immediate removal, loss of privilege, and additional charge
  30. Selling of merchandise, food, drinks, and other items is not allowed without prior approval and permits.
  31. DSU reserves the right to take photographs or videos of groups or individuals using the facility for its own records and for future promotional materials.
  32. Vehicles must be parked in the appropriate parking lots on campus. Failure to follow DSU parking regulations can result in a parking fine.
  33. All facility users have access to the male/female locker rooms and the family locker room next to the facility. Patrons over the age of five must use the same-sex or the family locker rooms. Please make sure you lock up items left in lockers. DSU staff reserves the right to remove any lock on a locker that remains overnight.
  34. Additional restrooms and seating are available upstairs in the Student Center.
  35. Call 911 for emergencies. For non-emergency needs, contact DSU Security at 701-290-1068.
  36. Remember to respect the game, be a good sport, have fun, and enjoy the Sanford Sports Facility!