Activity and Event Request – Main Campus

Various venues on the Dickinson State University campus can be rented to outside entities. The first step is to inquire with facilities operations at 701-483-2148 for information regarding space availability.

Facility Operations will assist you in choosing the appropriate venue for your event and will provide you with information related to capacity, pricing, and liability insurance requirements.

Dickinson State University facilities and grounds may be used for the purpose of programs and events that support the institutions mission and vision. Priority is given to events sponsored by or hosted by Dickinson State University or and recognized Dickinson State University clubs and organizations.

Dickinson State University reserves the right to add, delete, or modify guidelines regarding usage of DSU facilities at any time, without notice. 

Rental Fees- Main Campus 

A list of current rental fees and additional services may be obtained by contacting the Office of Facility Operations at 701-483-2148. 

Catering – Food Service 

Catering and food service options are available through the University Food Service Provider: Sodexo. Clients are responsible to contact and directly make arrangements with Sodexo. Such arrangements should also be communicated with the Facility Operations office so those plans can be accommodated. Please call 701-483-2014 and ask for Jason Benson to schedule Sodexo’s catering service(s). 

Activity and Event Request – Biesiot Activities Center
  1. Contact Us to see if your event date is available!
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions of Facility Rental to learn more about the policies and procedures of renting the BAC.
  3. Fill out a Facilities Use Agreement to officially book your event.
    1. If you are a state entity, fill out the State Entity Facility Use Agreement.
    2. If you are a non-state entity, fill out the Non-State Entity Facility Use Agreement.
  4. Determine if your event requires adding the BAC as additionally insured to your commercial grade liability insurance policy. If so, call your insurance company and complete this requirement; or Click Here for a list of approved insurance providers(in Dickinson, ND) who can help you fulfill this insurance requirement.
  5. If you plan to have alcohol at your event, fill out the Request to Serve Alcohol Form and call the BAC Events & Conference Coordinator to see if a security guard is required at your event.
  6. If you need audio/visual equipment and other amenities at your event, please view the Extra Rental Fees sheet to see what is included with the facility rental rate.
  7. Expect a call from the BAC Events & Conference Coordinator within 48 hours of submitting all paperwork to discuss the facility rental rate and to confirm that your event is scheduled.
  8. Regularly communicate with the BAC Coordinator as you prepare for your event.
  9. On the day of your event, enjoy your event, sit back, and relax!
  10. After your event, please fill out the Event Assessment Form, and provide us with some feedback on our service so we know how to better serve you.

How to Audit a Course

  1. Students who wish to audit courses at Dickinson State University may do so with the permission of the class instructor.
  2. A student may not request such permission until after the pre-registration period as currently enrolled students have priority.
  3. Auditor will participate in class activities as determined by the instructor.
  4. No academic credit will be granted. Course registration will appear on the student's transcript upon enrollment. Audited courses will be recorded on the official transcript with a grade of an “AU” when final grades are posted.
  5. Student will pay 50% of tuition plus all applicable fees.
  6. All institutional course drop/withdrawal deadlines apply to audit courses.   
  7. Student may not change the grading basis of the class after the last day to add a class

Enrollment Procedure 

  1. Registration for an audited course cannot be completed on Campus Connection. Student will return a Course Audit Form which has been signed by the course instructor to the Office of Academic Records no later than the last day to add a class.
  2. Office of Academic Records staff will enroll student in course 

Advertising on Campus 

Advertising (regardless of medium) must be approved by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs (May Hall 309). Please call 701-483-2787 or email

Job postings should be submitted to Career Development (DSU Library Lower Level) 701-483-2370 or email for posting online at Hawk4Hire.

Advertising must meet one of these requirements to be approved:

  • Sponsored by a recognized DSU Club/Organization or an official DSU event
  • Held on the DSU campus 49
  • Sponsored by a local healthcare organization
  • Sponsored by the Dickinson Parks and Recreation Department
  • Affiliated with the DSU Heritage Foundation, Hawks Point, the TR Center, the Theodore Roosevelt Library Foundation Board, or the Biesiot Activities Center
  • “For Sale” item(s) by a DSU Student
  • Medical Benefit for DSU community member

Exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

Any advertising not approved by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs will be removed.