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What are we doing here?

The purpose of assessment is to determine how well a *group* has met intended outcomes. Where grading summarizes many outcomes for one student, assessment summarizes one outcome for many students.

It is essential that assessment systems at all levels be Meaningful and Manageable.

Assessment helps illustrate the story you want to tell. What about your program do you want to spotlight? How might data help you shine that light? What about your program do you want to explore/discover?

The Assessment system at Dickinson State University cohesively integrates both direct and indirect assessment measures to evaluate (1) progress toward institutional goals; (2) effectiveness of the general education program; (3) attainment of student learning outcomes among the university’s programs; and (4) the impact of co-curricular programming.

As is the nature of purposeful evaluation, the university’s assessment system is cyclical and ongoing—drawing on data from internal and external sources, including nationally-normed instruments and assessments generated by faculty. The DSU assessment system is designed to provide information regarding students’ attainment of identified learning outcomes, as well as evaluate program quality and the university’s effectiveness—thus providing guidance for continuous improvement.

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University Assessment Committee Membership (Spring 2016)


University Assessment Committee Minutes


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University Assessment Plans and Reports

Annual DSU Assessment Report



Program Assessment Planning and Reporting

Program Assessment Planning Template

Program Assessment Plan Instructions

Outcome-Assessment Template

Program Curriculum Map


Program Assessment Report Template (annual)

Program Assessment Report Guidelines

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Program Review Guidelines

5-Year Program Review Guidelines (Found on the Academic Affairs Forms page)



Assessment Resources

Common forms of indirect assessments:

  • Responses to survey/interview questions
  • Perceptions
  • Self-reported progress
  • Self-reported impact of program experiences
  • Reflective journals

Common forms of direct assessments:

  • Papers, essays, abstracts
  • Portfolios
  • Presentations
  • Oral or written exams/exam items
  • Responses to survey or interview questions that ask for examples of knowledge or practice

AACU Assessment Resources

New Leadership Alliance Guidelines for Assessment and Accountability in Higher Education

Assessment Toolkit

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Association for the Assessment of Learning Sample Rubrics