Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations

Department of Agriculture and Technical Studies

Clubs and Organizations

The Dickinson State University Department of Agriculture and Technical Studies offers a variety of clubs and organizations to energize students' interest, offer them leadership experience, and bring opportunities for interaction with their peers and the community in general. The clubs offered are: Ag Club, Farm Bureau Club, Range Club, and Rodeo Club.

Ag Club

The Ag Club is a vital group to the department as it gives students an opportunity to interact with other students and showcase their love of agriculture to the community. The Ag Club hosts the yearly Roughrider Judging and Kids Day on the Farm events. It also has two main fundraisers over the course of the year, sandbag sales and the indian taco feed fundraiser.

Farm Bureau Club

The Farm Bureau Club offers agriculture students an opportunity to engage in discussion that will encourage them to look at all sides of the issues affecting agriculture, support their arguments, and develop policy stances based on the general consensus of the group. Students can also attend local, state, and national Farm Bureau events. 

Range Club

Students with a desire to further their range education join the Range Club. Club members participate in the National Society for Range Management. Participation in this club helps students forge relationships for future job opportunities.

Rodeo Club

You don't have to be a contestant to support the DSU Rodeo Team! Join the Rodeo Club to help staff events, video the contestants' runs, and more.