Distance Education

Distance Education

Stoxen Library is pleased to provide you with library services while you are enrolled in Dickinson State University programs of study. Distance education students are faced with unique challenges in obtaining needed library materials to supplement their classroom experience and to conduct research. This guide has been prepared to inform you of Stoxen Library services and to assist you in searching for and obtaining materials needed for research assignments.


Accessing Online Resources:

Stoxen Library has numerous electronic databases and resources available for your research purposes. Access the library homepage via the Dickinson State University page at: http://www.dickinsonstate.edu. There is a link to the library page in the “Quick Links” pull down menu in the upper right hand corner. To access the databases, mouse over the Resources tab and then choose from the pull-down menu. Many of the resources on the library page allow full-text access to articles or ebooks. There are general resources available (such as Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, eLibrary and Project MUSE) as well as subject specific databases (Agricola, ERIC, Business Source Complete and CINAHL). You will be asked to log in to these resources using your campus connection credentials (typically, your first name dot last name and then a password you have created).

ODIN is your access to the Library’s online catalog for print materials. You can use ODIN to find out what books are in the Stoxen Library collection as well as other libraries around the state. Access ODIN by mousing over the Resources tab on the library homepage and then choosing the Books, Ebooks, Videos, DVDs and CDs option.


Interlibrary Loan:

Interlibrary loan is a cooperative system by which libraries share materials with each other. We ask that you direct all your interlibrary loan requests to Stoxen Library. Please do not burden your local library with these requests as processing interlibrary loan requests is very expensive.

Stoxen Library will attempt to fill all your interlibrary loan requests for library materials. Sometimes this can be a lengthy process. To save yourself valuable time, check the collections of your local libraries for books and other materials.

Students may choose to submit their interlibrary loan requests electronically by choosing the
“My Account” located at the library toolbar. To log in, use your campus connection information (typically, your first name dot last name and then a password you have created). Click on the Interlibrary Loan Requests tab. Next choose either the blank “Book Request” or “Journal Request” (for an article). In completing the form, please type your email address in the “Free Text Note” field and identify yourself as a distance education student. In the “Until what date are you interested in the material” provide a date when this item will no longer be of use to you.

If requesting an item held by Stoxen Library, please add a note that indicates you are a distance education student and that the item needs to be mailed to you.



If you have any questions relating to library services, call the Library at (701) 483-2135 and please be sure to identify yourself as a distance education student.

You may also choose to correspond with the librarians via email. Questions regarding database access, electronic resources, circulation issues, ODIN or reserve should be directed to:

Questions regarding interlibrary loan should be directed to:

Stoxen Library
Dickinson State University
Dickinson, ND 58601
Telephone: (701) 483-2135 Fax: (701) 483-2006