Users and Workflows

Users and Workflows

Control Your Own Content

Our Percussion CM1 content management system content control in your hands! 

A powerful website has accurate and useful content. You can take control of your own content ensuring it is the best it can be. Besides, who knows their own department or office better than you? Follow these steps to gain access to our CMS.

  • Compile a list of wants and needs for your particular portion of the website. Also consider who within your department you wish to have contributing, reviewing and publishing access.

  • Request a meeting with the Website Communications Specialist to discuss your webpages. A meeting will be helpful whether you just want access to edit the current content, want a bit of a redesign, or are not sure what your options are available to you.

  • Complete and return a Workflow Request Form. If you need assistance, contact the website communications specialist or you can look at the Workflow Request Sample. To submit a support ticket, email