Tuition and Expenses

Tuition and Expenses

Tuition and fees are only a part of the expenses you can expect to incur while studying at Dickinson State University.

Keep in mind, the I-20/DS-2019 and Declaration of Finance budgets are only estimates. This is not your bill. These forms are only for the purpose of securing a student visa. Actual costs may vary depending on the cost of books, spending habits, special courses taken, etc.

Tuition and Fees :

    • International students are considered non-resident for tuition purposes.
    • Canadian students from Saskatchewan and Manitoba pay Contiguous fees.
    • All students pay fees in addition to tuition. These fees help pay for student activities, entry into sporting, musical and social events on campus. In addition, special fees may apply to some course work, parking, auditing, etc.
    • International students pay approximately $8,500 per year (2 semesters) for tuition and fees.
    • Canadian students from Saskatchewan and Manitoba pay approximately $7,360 per year (2 semesters) for tuition and fees.

Room and Board:

    • Room and board costs vary depending on your choice of accommodations. All international students are required to purchase the 19 meals a week dining plan when living on campus.
    • The approximate cost of a double occupancy dormitory room and a 19 meals a week dining plan is $5,000 per year (2 semesters).

 Estimated Books and Supplies:

  • DSU has a bookstore on campus for your convenience when buying books and supplies. We estimate books should cost an average of $800 per year. However, depending on your major and the number of courses you take each semester, that cost can vary greatly.

Required Medical Insurance:

    • The North Dakota University System Office requires ALL international students purchase a health insurance policy approved by the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education. The approved health insurance policy also meets all requirements of the Federal government's Affordable Healthcare Act. The cost of the insurance policy is added to your bill when you register for courses. Canadian and Norwegian students are exempt from this policy.


In addition to these costs you should also budget for personal expenses. It is common for students to budget $1,000 per year for additional expenses

  • Spending money
  • Weekend and holiday meals
  • Travel and transportation expenses
  • non-covered medical expenses
  • Entertainment
  • Clothing

Please select the Declaration of Finance that applies to you. You can complete and upload the form in the Global Awareness section of your online application.