Roger Huffman Track

Roger Huffman Track

 Roger F. Huffman1 
Dedicated on September 12, 1987; Re-dedicated on April 9, 2010

The Roger Huffman Track is named in honor of Roger F. Huffman. For more than six decades, Mr. Huffman has demonstrated dedicated service to his alma mater, Dickinson State University, and the University’s athletic program.

Roger F. Huffman ’55, a native of Killdeer, has been an influential alumnus since he first arrived at Dickinson State University in the late 1940’s. Roger was an active and accomplished student-athlete in football, basketball, and track prior to completing his studies in 1955. He returned to his alma mater in 1963, where he served in a variety of capacities until his retirement in 1991. His roles included assistant professor of physical education, head football and track coach, and assistant basketball coach. As a coach, Roger was demanding but fair and inspired loyalty and hard work in his athletes. In 1966, Roger was named University Athletic Director and Chair of the Physical Education Division, posts he held until 1984 when he was named Registrar and Director of Admissions. Today, Roger is an avid Blue Hawk fan and loyal supporter of Dickinson State University. To learn more about Mr. Roger Huffman, click here.

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Here are some unique facts about the Roger Huffman Track and its construction:

  • The new Roger Huffman track is a two-component elastomeric polyurethane, 10mm full pour surface that is 3/8” thick.
  • The track was installed in two layers: a 5mm base course (force reduction layer) and a 5mm of wear course (resilient wearing layer).
  • The base course was mixed with very fine rubber particles to provide force reduction and flexibility.
  • After the base course cured, the wear course was poured on top of the base course.
  • As the wear course cured, manufactured rubber granules one to 3mm in size were sprinkled on top of the wear course. The granules became embedded in the wear course elastomeric polyurethane to provide the texture of the finished product.
  • The elastomeric polyurethane track was poured on top of four inches of asphalt.
  • The Roger Huffman track was named in honor of alumnus and longtime DSU Athletic Director & Coach, Roger F. Huffman, in 1987.


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 Roger Huffman Track