Moments of Excellence

Moments of Excellence

Moments of Excellence (MOE) is designed to recognize excellence among Dickinson State University staff members.

DSU employees are encouraged to nominate a staff member they feel has gone above and beyond the call of duty in one or more of the following categories: positive attitude; excellent teamwork; going the extra mile; marvelous motivator; outstanding customer service; loyalty and commitment to the university; innovation and creativity; diligence.

The Above and Beyond award is an updated version of the previously named Moments of Excellence award.  The Moments of Excellence name now represents the entire staff recognition program that is managed by DSU Staff Senate.  This includes the Above and Beyond award and the Brag program.  The Above and Beyond award began in July 2015 and is given quarterly.


April-June: Johnna Douthit, Kathy Meyer, Ed Striefel
January-March: Luann Havelka, Loretta Heidt, Renee Townsend


October-December: Chris Belcher, Nicky Kadrmas, Darrell Neubert
July-September: Annika Plummer, Joshua Nichols, Cindy Splichal
June: Kathleen Obritsch
May: Christiana Pond
April: Cindy Thronburg
March: Alanna Smith
February: Ray Ann Kilen
January: Laura Fetting


December: Eileen Kopren
November: Perzen Polishwalla
October: Dale Dolechek
September: Kathy Meyer
August: Renee Baker
July: Anastasia Krehlik
June: Lyn Welk
May: Todd Wetsch
April: Anthony Willer
March: Jennifer Zier
February: Terri Godlevesky
January: Johnna Douthit


December: Connie Klein
November: Sandy Klein
October: Charles Howell
September: Donna Joyce
August: Gayle Mork
July: Laurie Heick
June: Renee Newton
May: Kari Hanstad
April: Betsy Murphy
March: Marie Fichter
February: Brian Kopp
January: DeAnna Keller


December: Kim Thiel
November: Annika Plummer
October: Stacy Wilkinson
September: Josh Nichols
August: Amy Markwardt
July: Chris Heringer
June: Sheri Monroe
May: Luann Havelka
April: Amy Tichy
March: Kathy Meyer
February: Nicholas Mahan
January: Christie Chernich


December: Cindy Splichal
November: Terry Mulvey
October: Janet Reisenauer
September: Marie Jordan
August: Lyn Welk
July: Charlotte Hondl
June: Stacie Varnson
May: Scott Staudinger
April: Marshall Melbye
March: Lorilie Johnson
February: Marie Fichter
January: Bev Schwindt


December: Brian Kopp
November: Connie Klein 
October: Laurie Heick 
September: Krissy Sparks 
August: Lori Schara 
July: Loretta Heidt
June: Kay Erickson
May: Roberta Kudrna
April: Kathy Lowe
March: Kathleen Obritsch
February: Victoria Carlson
January: Joan Mulvey


December: Curtis Havelka
November: Arley Berg
October: Kelly Steffes
September: Shanna Shervheim
August: Holly Forsness
July: Rebecca Needham
June: Michelle Baxter
May: Autumn Petersen
April: Kyle Thiel
March: Stacy Wilkinson
February: Laurie Beach
January: Sandy Klein



December: Jim Haaland
November: Yvonne Roth
October: Melissa Pavlicek
September: Johnna Douthit
August: Steph Suko
July: Jacob Siegler
June: Kathy Lang
May: Chris Meek
April: Kathleen Obritsch
March: Marty Odermann-Gardner
February: Josh Nichols
January: Loretta Heidt



December: Kathy Bercier
November: Brenda Schaeffer
October: Dustin Heick
September: Joanne Fields
August: Twila Petersen
July: Ron Treacy