Orientation Weekend Leaders (OWLs)

Orientation Weekend Leaders (OWLs)

We have the most awesome students to lead you around campus during orientation weekend.  They are here to provide you with support, leadership and guidance through the events happening all weekend.  Each OWL will have a team of students, grouped by freshman seminar class.  This will be your team for the weekend to attend events and earn points together.  The OWL will keep track of attendance for team points and has some great insights to the events happening throughout the weekend (they know when free prizes, extra points and other exciting things will be awarded!) 

On Monday, during Convocation, all team points will be tallied and the team with the most points will win prizes!  Other standout students will also have the chance to win prizes.  Team points are earned by attending events during the weekend, OWLs will keep track of the attendance and will submit points on behalf of each team. 

Meet your OWLs:

Austin Boepple

Tatia Hibbs 

Irene Rascon 

Cassidy Rhoades 

Simon Root 

Amber Thoeny 

Ryan Jones

Jonathan Aman

Courtney Wilson