Academic Degrees, Licenses, Credentials

University of North Dakota School of Law, Juris Doctor

University of North Dakota, Bachelor of Accountancy

North Dakota State Bar Association

State Bar of Montana

Additional Information

Haylee Cripe is an attorney and shareholder at the Mackoff Kellogg Law Firm, and serves as an adjunct faculty member for DSU. Haylee practices in the areas of business and commercial law, business formation, taxation, estate planning, and municipal law. At DSU, Haylee has taught Business Law I, Business Law II, 21st Century Leadership, and Business Ethics.

I believe in teaching through experience. Sometimes that means sharing my experiences in practice, and other times it means getting students engaged in projects which will help them connect the information and skills we are covering to the practical application. I strive to prepare my students to spot “red flags,” and communicate with their co-workers in a professional manner. I believe that too much focus on the philosophy of law, and not enough on the practical application leaves a gap in a student’s education.