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"DSU Shared" SharePoint Site

If you are an employee, you may find what you are looking for on the "DSU Shared" SharePoint site. This site is only accessible by employees and contains documents, forms and links to assist you with your work.

Visit https://www.dickinsonstate.edu/sharepoint to login and access the site. Once logged in, look for the "DSU Shared". If you are accessing the site for the first time, you may need to search for "DSU Shared." If you have difficulties accessing or using that particular site, contact the Website Communications Specialist. View the DSU directory here.

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Policy Manual

Click here to access copies of Dickinson State University policies.

Staff Senate

The Staff Senate of Dickinson State University, established in 1996, is a representative body of the University's staff employees. The Staff Senate is an active communication link between the president of the University, the Executive Committee of the Staff Senate, and staff employees about issues of mutual concern. The Staff Senate also strives to create a spirit of unity, pride, and cooperation among all university employees. The President of Staff Senate serves on the President’s Advisory Council. 

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Faculty Senate

A university community is established to promote free inquiry into all areas of human endeavor. The Faculty Senate of Dickinson State University has the responsibility to express its concern for the welfare of the University, to discuss and develop ideas for university improvement, to contribute to the formulation of general university policy and to provide for reliable channels of communications among all segments of the university community.

The primary aim of including a Faculty Senate in the organizational structure of Dickinson State University is to facilitate and coordinate faculty participation in the recommendation and development of educational and professional policies and in the formulation of procedures for their implementation. The President of Faculty Senate serves on the President’s Advisory Council. 

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