Retirement Plan (TIAA)

Upon employment, DSU will match your contribution of 3.5%, 4%, or 5% (depending on years employed) at the rate of 7.5%, 12.5%, or 13%. Contributions are vested and belong to you the day DSU begins making them.

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Retirement Plan (NDPERS)

Administrators & Staff Only

Upon employment, DSU contributes 12.6% and you contribute 3% of your salary to the Public Employees Retirement Plan. Your retirement benefit is based on years of service, final average salary, and the benefit multiplier as established by the North Dakota Legislature.

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Social Security

Upon employment, DSU contributes to retirement benefits you receive at age 65, 66 or 67 depending on your date of birth.

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Supplemental Retirement Annuities

If desired, you can make pre-tax contributions into investments with eligible providers upon employment.