What is Merit Pages?

Dickinson State University shares hometown news and showcases student achievements with Merit Pages. Merit Pages is a program that allows students to create an online portfolio of accomplishments and share these recognitions with family and friends via social media tools.

Participating students will receive online badges for achievements such as making the dean’s list, studying abroad, earning scholarships, and many more. Students who do not wish to participate in Merit Pages can opt-out.

The purpose of the program is to highlight student achievement and to increase awareness of the university in a medium popular with students. When possible, a student’s achievements may be sent to his or her hometown newspaper.

Merit Pages for Dickinson State can be accessed at https://dickinsonstate.meritpages.com/

How Does It Work?

The Office of University Relations receives a list of students to be recognized for an achievement and writes a short article. The article is then published to the students' Merit page and sent to the hometown newspaper of each student. The hometown for each student is based on “home address” in Campus Connection

Students receive an e-mail in their school email account saying they were awarded a Merit achievement badge. These recognitions can be shared via the student’s social media accounts. 

What is a Badge?

A badge appears on the student's page for their recognition. For instance, a student who is named to the dean's list may receive a badge on their page when they receive the honor. 

How do I claim my Merit page?

When DSU creates your Merit page, you will receive an email notification in your email from the address. To claim your page, click on the link in the email to create your Merit account with your DSU e-mail, or login with your personal Facebook or Twitter account.

OR you can search for your name at dickinsonstate.edu/meritpages. Once you locate your page, click on the "Is this you?" link under your name and enter your DSU email address. You will be sent a confirmation email with instructions to create your Merit account.

You can customize your Merit page by adding extracurricular activities, job experience and more. 

Why is Merit important for students?

Merit is a virtual portfolio of your achievements. It helps people who make decisions about internships, grad school and jobs, find out about your accomplishments at DSU. The site showcases your accomplishments with official badges that show that they're authentic and verified by the university.

Students who are featured are notified of the announcement through their DSU email address. They are encouraged to share their accomplishments with family and friends through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. 

What if I can't find my Merit page or a badge is missing?

If you are having trouble finding your Merit page to claim it, or if you believe you are missing an achievement badge on your Merit page that other students have been granted, please email dsu.communications@dickinsonstate.edu

Not interested?

To opt out of the program, simply reply to the email you receive from Merit and ask to be removed.

Merit Pages is used for sharing student accomplishments online and also with hometown newspapers. Opting out of the service may prevent the Office of University Relations from sending notices to hometown papers. This includes honors announcements and graduation announcements.

Other Frequently Asked Questions