Who is a collaborative student?

Collaborative students are students who are earning their degree from Dickinson State University but will be taking course(s) at another NDUS institution within the same term.

Dickinson State University, which is where you are receiving your degree, is your HOME institution. The institution where you are taking additional course(s), but not receiving your degree from, is your PROVIDER institution. 

Dickinson State University will:

  • Combine credits taken at the provider campus with credits at DSU for federal financial aid purposes. As a reminder, credits cannot be combined for institutional aid purposes.
  • Add tuition owed to the provider institution to the DSU bill
    • Tuition from the Provider campus will not be added to the DSU account until the end of the 2nd business day after the 100% drop date of the regular session.
    • Students not using Financial Aid have the option to pay DSU by the designated due date. Your Provider campus charges are viewable on Campus Connection & can be paid to DSU or directly to the Provider campus.
  • Record credits from a provider institution to the DSU transcript as transfer credits at the end of the semester.
  • By enrolling in collaborative credits, you may not be enrolled full-time (12 credits) at Dickinson State University. This is of specific concern if you are receiving any type of institutional aid at DSU, including the Presidential Scholarship Award, Heritage Foundation Scholarships and Institutional Waivers. If you have questions regarding your financial aid status, please call the DSU Financial Aid Office at: 701-483-2371.
  • I understand that by enrolling in collaborative credits, I may not be enrolled full-time directly at Dickinson State University. Therefore, I may not be eligible to receive institutional aid.


  • Be admitted to DSU as a degree seeking student
  • Resolve negative holds that would prevent enrollment
  • Agree to follow all DSU policies, procedures, dates and deadlines
  • Be enrolled in at least one class from DSU for the semester they are requesting to take a collaborative course

Courses not eligible for Collaborative Registration are:

  • Courses where the student has not met the prerequisites
  • Courses offered at the same time and manner at DSU except in instances where articulation agreements dictate otherwise.
  • Courses that would put the student over 18 semester hours when combining collaborative and DSU credits fall or spring terms or 7 semester hours for the summer term without approval from advisor.

How to Enroll

Complete the Collaborative Student Request Form by logging in to Campus Connection and completing these steps.

This form should be completed by a DSU student who wants to register for courses collaboratively.

General Information:

  • You should not submit a collaborative request until registered for DSU courses. 
  • Upon receipt of the form, DSU will check your eligibility.
  • DSU will send provider campus permission to complete registration of requested courses. 
  • The provider institution will send you a confirmation email that you are enrolled within 1.5 to 2 weeks after the registration has been submitted. You are not registered until you receive this confirmation email.
  • A collaborative hold will be placed on your account preventing you from making changes. Changes to collaborative courses must be initiated through DSU. To make changes to your schedule, you must submit a collaborative request through the online form.
  • For additional information, contact Nicky Kadrmas at 701-319-6660 or email DSU.Collaborative@Dickinsonstate.edu.

Deadline for Enrollment

A collaborative request must be completed by 4 p.m. CT, 3 p.m. MT the day before the last day to add or drop a course for the semester.