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Appointments are required for all exams. Appointments should be made at least three days in advance. Appointments can be scheduled via phone or email:

A photo ID such as a driver’s license or other government issued ID is required for all exams taken with the DSU Testing Center.

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DSU Testing Services

The following tests are available through the DSU Testing Center:

  • Online Course Exams
  • Accuplacer
  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • WorkKeys

Students enrolled in online courses through another school may have their exams proctored at the DSU Testing Center location.

Exam information should be sent to

Non-DSU Course Exam Proctoring Fee: $15 per hour scheduled (example: 90 minute exam = $30)

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Non-DSU students wishing to take their ACCUPLACER exam at DSU and have their scores available to other schools must contact their school and receive an ACCUPLACER Voucher issued by that school.

There is a proctoring fee of $15 per exam that can be paid here.

Scores are automatically sent to the student’s home school, but students can request scores through the Accuplacer Student Portal

ACCUPLACER scores are valid for three years from the test date. A test-taker is allowed to retake the ACCUPLACER  exam once within 7 weeks of the initial ACCUPLACER exam.

Students are encouraged to prepare for the ACCUPLACER exams through the CollegeBoard website

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Students may earn course credits through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP).

Students are encouraged to prepare for the CLEP tests through the College Board website. Prepare for an Exam – CLEP | College Board

The CLEP program has a long-standing policy that an exam may not be retaken within a 6-month period. This waiting period provides the student an opportunity to spend additional time preparing for the exam or the option of taking a classroom course.

There is a proctoring fee of $30 per exam that can be paid here.

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WorkKeys tests are ACT skills assessment exams designed to measure career readiness and assess foundational and soft skills required for success in any workplace. The exams are used to determine a person’s aptitude for specific careers, demonstrate expertise, and help measure skills that can affect job performance.

North Dakota resident students may apply for either the North Dakota Academic or Career and Technical Education Scholarship. WorkKeys online tests may be taken right up until the June 5 deadline.

See for more detail as the results are immediate.

If a student does not obtain a score of at least “5” on each of the 3 designated WorkKeys assessments, the student may retake the test to attain a higher score. A score of at least “5” on each of the 3 WorkKeys exams can be used when a student’s academic qualifications or ACT scores alone do not qualify the student for the ND CTE Scholarship.

Students are responsible for paying for the WorkKeys exam(s) either individually or all 3 exams here.

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