Collegiate Rodeo

The Dickinson State University Rodeo Team has a strong tradition of excellence in the rodeo arena. The DSU Rodeo Teams competes in the Great Plains Region which includes teams from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Iowa.

DSU Rodeo Team members enjoy top notch training facilities, including an indoor arena that allows them to train year round and plenty of practice stock with which to hone their skills. The men's and women's teams have been a perennial power in the Great Plains region for decades and DSU is home to several collegiate national champion individuals.

Cowboys & Candlelight

Cowboys and Candlelight is an annual fundraiser for the Dickinson State University Rodeo Club. Funds raised from the event go to student rodeo scholarships and programming. The event features great food, fun, games and a dance.

FFA District Leadership

FFA District Leadership is an annual event hosted by the Dickinson State University Department of Agriculture and Technical Studies. This event is a, ND FFA event hosted on campus that gives more than 200 students from southwest North Dakota exposure to leadership development skills and the campus of Dickinson State University.

Kids Day on the Farm

Kids Day on the Farm is a community-wide event that attracts more than 1,500 area preschool through 3rd grade students to learn more about agriculture. Attendees are exposed to agriculture in a hands-on way. The event includes farm equipment, animals and crops, a soils tunnel, petting zoo and more. The DSU Ag Club hosts this event.

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Opportunities in Agriculture

Hosted by the Department of Agriculture and Technical Studies, the Opportunities in Agriculture event was created to give senior agricultural students a forum in which to present their senior capstone research. It also was created to serve as an agricultural job and graduate school fair and give the students an opportunity to network with local and regional agricultural businesses.

Roughrider Judging

Roughrider Judging is an annual event hosted by the DSU Ag Club. Area FFA and 4-H contestants are invited to Dickinson State University to participate in a livestock judging contest, crops contest and ag sales contest. As this event is held at the beginning of the spring season, it is a great first contest for these students.

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Rural Women on the Western Edge Conference

The Rural Women on the Western Edge Conference is designed to provide practical, inspirational, and developmental opportunities for rural women in North Dakota and Eastern Montana.

Visit event webpage for more information.

Undergraduate Research – Celebration of Scholars - Opportunities in Agriculture

2020 Senior Capstone Papers

Hunter Bice

Title: “Economic Profitability of Background Feeding Owned Beef Steers”

Collaborators: Dr. Chip Poland and Mr. Toby Stroh

Tanner Binstock

Title: “Comparing Tea Bag Organic Matter Decomposition on Various Soil Types”

Collaborators: Dr. Joshua Steffan, Dr. Chip Poland, and Mr. Toby Stroh


Jami Derflinger

Title: “Forage Nutrient Content of Sunn Hemp and Oats Grown in Western North Dakota”

Collaborators: Dr. Joshua Steffan, Dr. Chip Poland, and Mr. Toby Stroh


Zebulon Doe

Title: “The Effect on Average Daily Gain on Replacement Heifer Calves”

Collaborator: Dr. Chip Poland


Christopher Gartner

Title: “Profitability of Dryland Corn Production Methods on a Diversified Operation in Northeast Montana”
Collaborator: Dr. Chip Poland


Marianne Gartner

Title: “Effectiveness of a Medicated Feed on Calf Weight Gain”

Collaborator: Dr. Woodrow (Chip) Poland


Ashton Handy

Title: “Pregnancy Rates of Heifers Artificially Inseminated in a Feedlot vs. Pasture in Northeastern Montana”

Collaborator: Dr. Chip Poland


Jalen Lane

Title: “Effect of Birthweight on Average Daily Gain in Hereford Cattle in SE Alberta”

Collaborator: Dr. Chip Poland


Jaret Lee

Title: “Effects of Pipeline Reclamation on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties in Southwest North Dakota.”

Collaborator: Dr. Eric Brevik


Aspen Lenning

Title: “Acclimating Cattle to Drone Technology for Observatory Procedures”

Collaborators: Bradyn Lenning and Dr. Woodrow “Chip” Poland


Joseph Lewis

Title: “Marketing Options of Beef Heifer Calves in Eastern Montana”
Collaborator: Dr. Poland


Alyssa Mutschelknaus

Title: “The Effects of a Preservative on High Moisture Hay in Southwest North Dakota”

Collaborator: Dr. Woodrow “Chip” Poland


Sidney Sanderson

Title: “Effect of Corn and Alfalfa Supplement on Roping Steer Speed Leaving the Chute”

Collaborators: Dr. Chip Poland and Mr. Toby Stroh


Zane Schobinger

Title: “Soil Compaction from Heavy Machinery on Native Rangeland in Western North Dakota”

Collaborator: Dr. Eric Brevik


Colbey Steeke

Title: “Carcass Characteristics and Profitability of Grass versus Grain Finished Lambs”

Collaborator: Dr. Woodrow “Chip” Poland