Jury Sheets

Brass jury sheet - Jury sheet for players of brass instruments.

Percussion jury sheet - Jury sheet for percussionists.

Piano jury sheet - Jury sheet for pianists.

String jury sheet - Jury sheet for string players.

Voice jury sheet - Jury sheet for vocalists.

Woodwind jury sheet - Jury sheet for players of woodwind instruments. 

Sophomore Gateway Exam

Sophomore Gateway Exam information - Information on the Sophomore Gateway Examination required for advancement to upper-level study in music. 

Piano Proficiency

Piano proficiency rubric - Requirements for passing the piano proficiency requirement.  

Senior Recital

Senior recital information - Information regarding the required senior recital.

Brass recital - Recital evaluation form for players of brass instruments.

Percussion recital - Recital evaluation form for percussionists.

Piano recital - Recital evaluation form for pianists.

String recital - Recital evaluation form for string players.

Voice recital - Recital evaluation form for vocalists.

Woodwind recital - Recital evaluation form for players of woodwind instruments.

Health & Wellness

Health and safety depend in large part on the decisions of informed individuals. The information below is provided as a resource for our students, faculty and staff. It is not designed to diagnose or treat specific medical issues. The DSU Music Program encourages any student, faculty or staff member to consult a medical professional about health issues. If requested, the Music Program can provide resources related to making contact with licensed medical professionals.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Vocal Health

Hearing Health

General Musician's Health


Performance Anxiety

Safe Lifting and Equipment Transport