About the Department

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers cutting-edge courses and degree programs designed to prepare our students for rewarding careers in mathematics, computing, and other related professions. You will learn to analyze and solve problems logically and how to hone your mathematical and computing skills, giving you a competitive advantage for life after graduation.

Majors and Programs

Bachelor's Degrees

Certificate Programs

NEW! Information Analytics Degree

Completing a degree in information analytics will prepare you to succeed in a data-driven world, analyze large data sets to spot trends and understand business operations.  You will graduate will the ability to use scripted programming languages to help individuals or companies make informed business decisions as a consultant, business analyst, project manager, web developer, data analyst or database administrator.

Information Analytics Information Sheet

Extracurricular Activities

Computer Society

The DSU Computer Society is open to anyone actively enrolled at Dickinson State University who has an interest in computers.  At this time the Computer Society is currently inactive due to low membership.  If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Billy.Harris@dickinsonstate.edu or 701-483-2107.

 A student does not need to be a major in Computer Science to join this club. Anybody who is interested in computers can join the club and be a member. The main objective of this club is to make students, faculty and staff more familiar with computers. Their programs include meetings, seminars in computers, different guest speakers related to computers.