Science Technology Engineering & Math

The goal of STEM education at Dickinson State is to increase the capacity of students in science, technology, engineering and math.

  • GEMS (Girls Engaged in Math & Science)
  • Family Science Days
  • DSU Discovery Dome
  • DSU Engineering Camp
  • Science lab with Dr. Hewage

STEM Camp for sixth-eighth grade students 

Three day camp providing students entering sixth–ninth grades the opportunity to explore different fields in STEM through hands-on activities and presentations from business and industry.

GEMS for sixth-eighth grade girls

Girls Engaged in Math and Science is intended to encourage middle school girls to consider STEM careers by providing formal and informal learning opportunities that build confidence in math and science.

Science Olympiad 

Over 100 DSU students come together with faculty to offer this science competition to sixth-12th grade students. Students compete in a wide range of rigorous standards-based science challenges. This program is funded by the university and through team registration fees.

Local middle/high school students and their teachers discover the magic of science with Dr. Hewage, DSU Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics. In the space of just two hours, students are mesmerized by the demonstrations and experiments that Dr. Hewage and his lab assistants perform. Students are taught about air pressure, heat, gases, chemical reactions, explosions, fire, and more!

Dickinson State University
Murphy Hall Room 205 and 206


Transportation to and from DSU is the responsibility of the school and/or district.

For more information or to schedule a show, contact Dr. Hewage at

Dickinson State University STEM is proud to offer a three-day summer Engineering Camp for students entering grades 6-9. Students embark on an exciting exploration into the different areas of engineering through real-world, hands-on challenges and field trips to see engineers in action. Sponsorship from the STEM grant allows us to offer this camp for a minimal fee. Students experience:

  • Expert instruction
  • Engineering challenges with award for top competitors
  • Guest speakers
  • Field trips to local industries
  • Opportunities to make friends with like interests
  • All of the projects they design and create are theirs to keep
  • Snacks and lunches included

Registration opens in the spring of each year and is directed through the West River Teacher Center. Space is limited. Register early! Registration fees are non-refundable. PLEASE contact us if you are registered but unable to attend.

Register for DSU Engineering camp

The Discovery Dome is a portable, full-dome theater. Students are surrounded with roaring dinosaurs, fascinating planets, and explosive storms – all immersive, engaging, and realistic. Developed by the Houston Museum of Natural Science and Rice University, this theater offers a state-of-the-art visual learning experience that can address many different fields of science for any grade level. Most shows are 20-25 minutes long.

Local demonstrations

We will offer area teachers an opportunity to experience the dome, preview the shows, and ask questions.  (1 ½ hours after school)

Request the dome to visit your school

Teachers and administrators can request that the dome be brought to their school. A technician travels with the dome, sets it up, and runs the programs. The dome requires the use of a gymnasium or similar facility which can accommodate the 5-meter circular footprint. The dome seats approximately 25-30 students at a time. Multiple shows can be done the same day for the same school.

Teachers can choose from the shows offered by DSU.

There is no charge for the dome to visit a school in Southwest North Dakota. For schools more than two hours from Dickinson, ND, a minimal fee may be required. Please contact us for more details.

STEM and the West River Teacher Center have a collection of equipment available for K-12 educators to use in their classrooms.

  • Vernier LabQuests, various probes and lab books
  • 20 unit iPad II Lab 
  • 10 Garmin GPS units, 20 Garmin eTrex
  • Microscopes
  • 20 Flip Cameras
  • Project WiLD teaching trunk and books
  • Life size baby whale and teaching manual
  • Prairie grouse trunk
  • STAR Lab

Each summer, courses are offered to help educators improve their pedagogy skills and increase their content knowledge.

  • Taught by content experts from Dickinson State University, as well as area schools.
  • Range from two-day/1 credit courses to 10-day/4 credit summer institute.
  • Educators take home relevant materials and course specific tools.
  • Graduate level credit is available through Dickinson State University for a per credit fee.
  • Continuing education credit also available, non-degree seeking.
  • Daily stipend.

In addition to professional development, the MSP grant, in conjunction with the STEM initiative and the WRTC, have items available for checkout to licensed educators.

STEM courses will be announced upon availability. 

Until further noticed, stipends will not be offered for summer workshops.