Chalk and Wire

The Teacher Education department at DSU is nationally accredited. In order to demonstrate accreditation requirements, the department must provide evidence that all candidates meet basic competencies in their fields of study. This is accomplished in part through various signature assignments, portfolio review, and satisfactory completion of field experiences--all of which are documented in the Chalk and Wire online system. Teacher Education students will purchase a Chalk and Wire subscription upon their admission to the program and use it through program completion.

Chalk and Wire subscriptions can be purchased through the DSU Bookstore.

Should you need additional assistance, please either contact the Department of Teacher Education or visit the Chalk and Wire online support center.

Early Field Experiences

Templates for Lesson Implementation in the Field

Lesson Rubrics

Phonics Skills

Candidates also have available, at no cost, an online workshop for teacher candidates to learn and practice phonics skills. The Reading Horizons Online Workshop can be accessed via this link.

Professional Development

EDUC 2000: Supervision of Student Teachers

The DSU Department of Teacher Education also offers EDUC 2000: Supervision of Student Teachers. The state of North Dakota requires that pre-service teachers (student teachers) be placed with cooperating teachers who have completed a course in Supervision of Student Teachers. DSU offers this self-paced course online on a semester schedule. To check course availability, visit the registration page

Teaching-Related Opportunities

  • RASP
  • Badlands Human Service Center
  • DSU Planetarium
  • Ramapo for Children
  • Teaching Abroad
  • Sylvan Tutoring
  • Summer Camp, Dawson
  • Sunrise Youth Bureau
  • Youth Educator - Involves traveling to schools and teaching about things like alcohol/tobacco. It requires a 4 year degree, has full health benefits, and is full time all year round (8am-5pm, $16-$17/hour). Contact: Holly Praus at 701-483-9498 or

Volunteer Opportunities

  • DSU Science Days