Learning Opportunities

Every year, TRHLP scholars are presented with a number of mandatory and non-mandatory opportunities to enhance their overall learning and leadership experiences while students at Dickinson State. 

Some of these experiences take place on campus, while others take place at a number of sites around the state, country, and even the world. Some of these special opportunities include the Professional Development Workshop, prominent guest speakers, study tours, conferences, campus research presentations, and opportunities for study and service around the nation and abroad. Some of these opportunities include: 

Study Tours

The TRHLP arranges a study tour every semester to allow TRHLP scholars to engage in topics that impact the community and the region, as well as topics that broaden the experiences of our students.  Recent study tours have included trips to Medora as part of the Theodore Roosevelt Symposium, UCTT Powwow in Mandan, ND, and Richardton Abby, Richardton, ND.  The Study Tour counts as one of the credits required to graduate with a Leadership Studies minor. 


Every year, a number of TRHLP scholars present at the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) Conference, which involves honors students from universities around the nation. 

Service Learning
The TRHLP offers many service learning opportunities. These volunteer experiences help students learn to collaborate with different entities and individuals as well as promoting responsible citizenship. Students can volunteer on campus or in Dickinson, and many have assisted at DSU events, tailgates, Best Friends Mentoring, and the DVRCC.

Student Leadership Opportunities 

Student Assistant Directors

Those who serve as a Student Assistant Director serve as a student representative in the administration of the program. Their responsibilities include planning and running all student meetings, events, and activities. They also help mentor the Theodore Roosevelt Executive Committee (TREC) and assist the Program Director and Office Manager. 

Theodore Roosevelt Executive Committee

Student representatives from each class encourage positive participation, oversee student initiatives, and organize student events. The executive committee helps shape the program and ensures continuous improvement. 

Mentoring Program

Each year, a number of returning TRHLP scholars volunteer to mentor incoming freshman to help ease their transition into the TRHLP and college life.