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Individuals must have a valid DSU ID to check out library materials.

Circulation Periods:
  • Books - 28 days
  • Periodicals - 7 days
  • Videos, CDs and DVDs - 5 days
  • Reserve materials - set by the instructor

Books may be recalled by the library staff after two weeks. If you receive a recall notice for an item needed by another patron, please return the item within five days.

Books may be renewed twice unless the items are needed by others. After two renewals, books must be brought back to the library. If needed, the books can be checked out again. Books not returned or renewed by their due date shall be regarded as overdue and lost.

If overdue materials are not returned within six weeks, the library will institute replacement procedures for the lost items. The borrower will be billed the cost of the replacement plus a processing fee. If the borrower refuses to pay the bill or return the overdue materials, the issue shall be referred to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Interlibrary Loan Services

Interlibrary loan services are provided to currently enrolled Dickinson State University students and to current Dickinson State University faculty and staff. All other patrons will be charged $15 per request. This fee is due upon submitting the interlibrary loan request. (Additional fees may apply).


The computers in Stoxen Library are for supporting the teaching and research activities of Dickinson State University students, faculty, and staff.

Users should limit their time on the computers to 30 minutes if others are waiting to use them. Anyone using computers for purposes other than research may be asked to give the computer to someone needing to use it for research.

Refer to North Dakota University System’s policies for additional guidelines regarding the use of computers.

Fax Machine

Stoxen Library has a fax machine which can send and receive documents. Our machine is located at the main circulation desk. Materials can be sent and received and copies can be picked up during library hours.

To send or receive a document, the patron will be charged $1 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page.

DSU faculty and staff will not be charged to send or receive work documents. DSU personnel must present a DSU ID to avoid fees.

Stoxen Library staff does not deliver faxed materials. Library staff will attempt to contact the recipient, and all materials will be either kept at the main circulation desk or put in the appropriate campus mailbox.

Please note that the fax machine is not in a restricted area and incoming faxes may be seen be others.


Protecting the rights of library users to view and read materials without fear of intrusion, intimidation, or reprisal is a core value for all librarians. To safeguard the privacy of individuals in their use of the library, Stoxen Library maintains the confidentiality of library records. Student records, including library borrowing records, are additionally protected by state and federal privacy laws.

The registration and circulation records of Stoxen Library are not shared. Registration records include any information the library requires users to provide in order to be able to access or borrow materials. Circulation records include all information that identifies a library patron as borrowing or accessing particular materials or information.

Stoxen Library follows the General Retention Schedule for the North Dakota University System for circulation records, which is the Current Fiscal Year + 3 years. Older records are shredded.

Computer sign-in sheets shall be shredded on a regular basis.

No library employee shall reveal the identity of a borrower to anyone without proper judicial order and permission from the designated University administrative officer. In the absence of such judicial orders or University administrative permission, those to whom information will be denied include, but are not limited to, faculty, staff (including library staff except in the pursuit of their assigned duties), parents, students, campus security, police, FBI agents, and military personnel.

Library shall refer all requests for the above information to the Director of Library Services.

Gifts & Donations

As space permits, donated items will be added to the Stoxen Library materials collection when they are consistent with the teaching and research needs of the University. In accordance with the American Library Association, the library makes an effort, through its collection, to offer the widest possible viewpoints in its attempts to further the free exchange of ideas. Censorship will not be exercised in the selection of gift materials. However, to maintain a reasonably balanced collection, the library may retain only a few key resources which represent the views of major spokespersons of special interest groups. Further, limited storage space for collections requires the library to be highly selective in accepting gifts to the materials collections.

Acceptance of materials is made with the understanding that there are no limiting conditions or restrictions regarding the usage of the gifts. Once accepted, gift items become the property of the library and may not be reclaimed by the donor. Items not added to the collection may be sold, with the proceeds used to purchase additional needed materials.

Items that are not deemed appropriate for the Stoxen Library materials collection may be refused. Gifts that do not meet the collection criteria for the library include: damaged, old, or outdated materials; old textbooks; duplicates; periodicals that the library already owns; and materials in subject areas that do not support teaching or research in DSU areas of study.

If desired, an acknowledgment of all gifts added to the materials collection will be made on behalf of the University. The library cannot offer collection appraisals, nor estimate the value of a gift. The Internal Revenue Service considers the library or a library employee an interested party, who, therefore, cannot appraise donations. Donors may wish to refer to the IRS Publication #561, Determining the Value of Donated Property. Donors will need to obtain an appraisal from a private source.

Theft and Mutilation

All Stoxen Library materials, equipment, furniture, etc. are the property of the state of North Dakota. Anyone who damages or tampers with these materials and/or attempts unauthorized removal of such items from Stoxen Library may lose library privileges or may be prosecuted for: Theft (North Dakota Century Code 12.1-23-02).

A security system is utilized to maintain the security of library materials. Anyone who refuses to have materials inspected, once the alarm has sounded, is considered to demonstrate intent to steal items from Stoxen Library. Once the alarm has sounded, and if someone resists inspection, campus security and/or the Dickinson Police Department will be summoned. Signage is posted indicating to patrons that all materials must be checked out or a $100 fine will be levied.

If it is discovered that an individual has damaged or tampered with Stoxen Library property or has attempted unauthorized removal, the incident will be reported to one of the following individuals for the appropriate disciplinary action:

  • The Library Director will handle all theft and damage reports and will determine the appropriate disciplinary action. As deemed necessary, the Director will involve the Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs in instances involving the faculty. Further, the Director will involve the Provost/Vice President of Student Affairs as needed in theft and damage problems involving students.
  • For a time period set by the Director of Library Services, the person will not be able to check out materials. Suspension from the University may result at the discretion of the Provost/Vice President of Student Affairs.

Community Users

Members of the community who are over 18 and have a Dickinson Public Library card may use their card to check out library materials at Stoxen Library. A Special Borrower card can be issued to you upon the presentation of a valid North Dakota driver’s license with a local address. This card is valid for one year, is free of charge, and may be renewed.

Users may check out up to 8 books and 5 DVDs at a time.

Uses may not request an interlibrary loan or check out equipment.

Users are allowed access to library databases while on campus.

Users may request access to DSU’s wireless internet. Each person must provide their name and connection to DSU. Guest logins are provided to the department or office requesting access for their guest(s) from Information Technology Services.