The Theodore Roosevelt Center (TRC) at Dickinson State University (DSU) and the Theodore Roosevelt Association (TRA) are proud to announce a joint project to digitize and make available the long-running and well-respected Theodore Roosevelt Association Journal (TRAJ), and to inaugurate this effort through the publication of the first five years of the TRAJ in the TRC’s digital collections.

Items spanning from the period of 1975-1979 will be available to the public on the TRC’s website as of Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022, and will consist of the first five volumes of the TRAJ, encompassing 15 issues of the journal – which includes over 200 articles.

The TRC and the TRA will process the volumes of the TRAJ in five-year batches, publishing these to the TRC website with the goal of making the contents of the nearly 50-year print run accessible to researchers and the general public. Volumes of the TRAJ were not previously digitized or publicly available, so this process represents a great step forward in making the contents of the journal open for use.

Professor of History and Lowman Walton Chair of Theodore Roosevelt Studies at Dickinson State University, Dr. Michael Patrick Cullinane, says of this effort, “The [TRAJ] has published some of the leading scholarship on the life and times of Theodore Roosevelt since 1975. From historiography to pop culture, the journal is an invaluable resource. Scholars will benefit, as will those searching for the latest on TR. The TR Center is a natural host for the journal and it complements the digital library.”

To view the collection on the Theodore Roosevelt Center’s website, please click here.