Employee Conference

2023 Conference - July 11th, 2023

All sessions are FREE and there is NO registration required! You can attend one, two or all sessions!

Please note that participation in this event may be subject to your supervisor's approval. Considering inquiring of your supervisor if this could be considered part of your position duties in the way of active engagement with campus or as a professional development opportunity.

There will NOT be any streaming or recorded options for these sessions.  We realize this might prohibit some individuals from attending some or all sessions, but we hope to encourage people to leave their offices and engage in person to boost the networking aspect of the conference.

Reach out to Staff Senate if you have recommendations for next year’s conference.  Also, don’t forget to start thinking about proposals for you own sessions for next year!



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8 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.


Corrective Exercise Interventions for Office Workers: Toe to Head

Location: Murphy Hall | Stroup Auditorium

Starting with the toes and ending at the head, this presentation will be a compilation of corrective exercise interventions I used with "desk job" clients during my 8 years of experience as a personal/group trainer and corrective exercise specialist.


Disclaimer: I am not a physical therapist or medical doctor and this presentation is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition.

TJ Dempsey, Career Services & Tutoring Center Coordinator

The DSU Heritage Foundation, more than just a wallet?

Location: Murphy Hall | Thompson Auditorium

Why is the foundation our primary fundraiser? What’s the difference in a one-time and endowed scholarship? Is the foundation only responsible for money? Ty Orton, the Executive Director of the DSU Heritage Foundation, will give an overview of the important role of the DSUHF for our students and within our community and how you can engage in supporting them.

Ty Orton, Executive Director, DSU Heritage Foundation

8:30 a.m. – 9 a.m.

What's your status?

Location: Murphy Hall | Room 160

Though the online world may see your TEAMS status, office visitors may not realize when you are in a meeting or taking a call. You could get a manual status light or sign (purchases start around $15+) -or- you could DIY! Join us to make your own rotating status sign. Hang the sign on your computer, desk, or door and share your online status with your in-person visitors. (We will also be handing out tips for setting your TEAMS status online.) 20-30 minutes, in-person, bring your own scissors.

Marlo Sexton, Remote Course Delivery Coordinator

How You Can Contribute to Student Recruitment

Location: Murphy Hall | Thompson Auditorium

We've been told that "recruitment is everyone's job." Great! But now what?! This session will explore ways that you can contribute to student recruitment.

Stephanie Osborne, Director of Admissions

9 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Technology Life Hacks

Location: Murphy Hall | Stroup Auditorium

We use technology every day but do we use it well? Come learn about various tech tips and tricks to help improve your life! Hidden shortcuts, must have online software, gadgets and more!

Josh Nichols, Creative Services Specialist & Esports Coordinator

Campus Activities: Planning, Hosting, Attending. Oh My!

Location: Murphy Hall | Thompson Auditorium

Are you an advisor for a club or organization on campus? Do you need support and ideas for planning an event? Maybe you have an event in mind but you need assistance in marketing, planning, or incentives! Through this session we will explore the different kinds of program and what is drawing the students attention. We will also discuss how the Office of Campus Life can help clubs/orgs/departments in all things campus activities and event planning.

Mackenzie Hicks, Director of Campus Life

10 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Refining Your Web Content

Location: Murphy Hall | Room 159

The Dickinson State website switched management systems in 2022 which provides a variety of new features and abilities. Come learn about ways to improve your webpages so that users can more easily find and engage with your content!

Josh Nichols, Creative Services Specialist & Esports Coordinator

From Theodore Roosevelt's Desk to Yours: The TR Center Digital Library

Location: Murphy Hall | Thompson Auditorium

The Theodore Roosevelt Center is dedicated to preserving the legacy of America’s 26th president, primarily through our Digital Library. The Library contains over 80,000 letters, documents, photographs, ephemera, and even film and sound recordings. This session will explain how a historic document goes from a physical object at a partner institution to a searchable digital record at the TR Center. We'll also explore how you can incorporate TR's life, times, and philosophy into your own life and work.

Dr. William Hansard, Digital Collections Specialist

11 – 12 p.m.

Experiencing different cultures: Japanese Calligraphy

Location: Murphy Hall | Room 160

Experiencing other cultures is important in education. It provides opportunities for individuals to gain mutual understanding, embrace diversity, and cultivate problem-solving skills. Cultural immersion contributes to the development of inclusive societies and fosters personal growth, benefiting both individuals and the wider community. In this session, we will learn the background and essentials of Japanese calligraphy, which was loved by many samurai, and how to use a brush and the brush strokes in basic kanji. All supplies will be provided.

Shunsuke Aoki, Japan Outreach Initiative Coordinator


BYO Lunch | Murphy Hall Lobby

Bring your own lunch and come socialize with your fellow coworkers!

1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Your Own Free Broadcast Studio: Using OBS Studio

Location: Murphy Hall | Stroup Auditorium

OBS Studio is a free open source broadcast studio that has a variety of applications.  Whether it’s streaming a professional looking live event, easily creating online content with minimal editing or making a top notch virtual meeting background, OBS is the studio for you! Come learn the basics and what OBS has to offer.

Presenter: Josh Nichols, Creative Services Specialist & Esports Coordinator

Feedback Session: Exploring the New Employee Resource Portal

Location: Murphy Hall | Thompson Auditorium

For new and returning employees, it’s tough to find all of the resources available to us. Staff Senate had worked to develop a employee resources portal to assist with these efforts! Come take a look at the work in progress and give your feedback for how we can improve it!

Presenter: Samantha Wohletz, Early University & Online Education Coordinator

2 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Navigating the TEAMS App

Location: Murphy Hall | Stroup Auditorium

Are you having trouble finding your way through the Teams App?  Look no further.  This session will guide you on your way to becoming a pro at navigating the teams app.

Laura Fetting, Technology Education Coordinator & Marlo Sexton, Remote Course Delivery Coordinator

What is counseling?

Location: Murphy Hall | Thompson Auditorium

As an employee of DSU, we are managing the demands of home, life and work. One of the things that can provide support is counseling/mental health services. We will discuss the question: "What is counseling?". We will find out how we can access support for ourselves or another person. We will discuss some of the stressors in our daily lives. The session will include some interactive content where participants will be in the role of the "counselor" and address some scenarios.

Presenter: Laurie Karie, Director of Counseling and Health Services

2:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Networking and Treats at the Foundation

Location: DSU Heritage Foundation

Take a short break at the DSU Heritage Foundation for the networking and treats!

Sponsored by the DSU Heritage Foundation