Blue Hawk ID Cards

Questions? Contact Us.

Office of Campus Safety
Student Center, Room 109

Call 701-483-2407
On-duty Phone 701-290-1068

By using the card, you accept all terms and conditions of the cardholder agreement that comes with the card when you first get it.

You can get your ID card at the Office of Emergency Management. The first ID card is free.

With a valid ID card, you'll have 24/7 access to:

  • the Student Center
  • May Hall
  • Computer labs on the lower level of May Hall

If you have trouble with your ID card and/or access to buildings after hours, please contact the Emergency Management at 701-483-2407. You can also reach us through the Blue Hawk SAFE app. Download Blue Hawk SAFE from the Google Play Store. OR Download Blue Hawk SAFE from the App Store.

Deactivating Your Card

If you lose your ID card or suspect that it’s stolen, deactivating your card will make sure someone else doesn’t use it to access buildings/rooms or to make purchases on campus.

To deactivate your card, call the Emergency Management office at 701-483-2407 or the on-duty phone at 701-290-1068.


If you lose your ID card, you’ll need to pay a $25.00 lost card fee at the Business Affairs office in May Hall, room 212, before we will issue you a new one. You must show your receipt to the Office of Emergency Management for a new ID card.

Dickinson State University issues an ID card to all registered students. All cardholders must follow these rules:

  • The ID card is the property of Dickinson State University. DSU reserves the right to cancel the card or any accounts associated with the card at any time.
  • Only the registered cardholder can use the card. You must not allow others to use your ID card; doing so is a violation of the Student Conduct policy and is subject to disciplinary action.
  • As the cardholder, you are responsible for the ID card, transactions related to the use of the card, and any account balances until you notify the university in writing that the card is lost or stolen.
  • This is your permanent DSU ID card; you will keep it as long as you’re enrolled at Dickinson State University.