Dual Credit

Get a head start on your degree!

Dual credit classes are classes you take at your high school and are taught by a high school teacher. You will earn both high school and college credit with these classes.

Why take dual credit?

Here are just a few of the reasons to jump-start your college career while in high school:

Students who take dual credit courses often have lower tuition. Taking college courses while still in high school allows you to have less student debt when you graduate with a two- or four-year degree.

Many students start college not knowing what they want to do when they graduate. This often means they change majors two or three times before graduating. Being able to try courses and possible career paths means you're less likely to change majors and more likely to graduate on time and with less student debt!

Going from high school into college is often intimidating. By taking courses in high school, you can use your current support systems and experience what a college course requires. This experience sets you up for success and a much easier transition!

Studies have found that students who complete college courses before graduating high school are far more likely to graduate from college.

Interested? Here’s what to do

  • Before enrolling, we highly recommend you check with our Academic Records office to make sure the course credits will transfer the way you hope they will. All dual credit classes will transfer, but they might only be counted as elective credits. This is more likely if you’re looking at a private school or a college or university outside North Dakota.
    • Questions? Call our Academic Records office at 701-483-2331.
  • A DSU Admissions team member will be in your high school classroom at the beginning of each semester (fall: August/September, spring: January/February) to help you:
  • Fill out the Dual Credit Course Registration Form then turn it in to your high school teacher. A parent or guardian must sign the form to give you permission to enroll in the course and to show they understand the course has tuition and fees.

When your high school teacher has received all the forms from the class, they will submit them to our Admissions office.

For more information, please contact DSU Admissions by calling or texting 701-354-2614.

Dickinson High School Partnership and Tuition Agreement

The Dickinson High School partnership and tuition agreement helps facilitate DHS career academies and DSU’s dual mission. Recognized in 2021 with the Governor’s Award for System Transformation, this partnership affords DHS students the option to pursue dual credit, early entry, and/or traditional high school courses on the DSU campus. DHS students who have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher qualify for tuition assistance that reduces the cost per credit to approximately the subsidized dual credit rate for up to 3 credits a semester. This program is supported by Dickinson Public Schools, Dickinson State University, and the DSU Heritage Foundation.

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